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Today I pondered a QW MEMBER's rhema that was really quickened to me.  She heard a riddle that caused me to ponder.  She heard, "Hanging upside down sweetie pie."    Then she saw a possum hanging from a tree limb.  Here are her comments:


"The cliche is "playing possum". This refers to the possum "playing dead" when the are frightened and unable to get away... They are solitary and nocturnal... They prefer to be left alone and avoid all confrontation...Their prehensile tail is used for stabilization during climbing not for hanging around."


{End QW MEMBER's comments}


SANDY'S COMMENTS:  I have been pondering this from various aspects.  One that comes to mind is Care Bears, a movie my son watched 30ish years ago when the whole world was frozen over and the Care Bears helped unthaw it.  We used to have a cliche in our family that the Lord convicted me of back then.  When someone asked you a question about a preference, it was wrong to say, "I dont care."  He showed me that when we say I dont care, it numbs a part of our heart from caring and if we say it enough we end up with frozen hearts.  So whenever we caught ourselves saying that, we would rephrase it to something else.  Thus when we saw the Care Bear movie it really ministered to me.  The Lord has been unthawing the hearts of men and giving them a heart of flesh, tender and with feeling.


There are things in life where we have suffered loss and we try to go through death to self and pacify ourselves by saying, "I no longer care."  This is a soulish approach to helping the pain go away.  But when we take that approach, it freezes us in that spot and we cant get passed it until He unthaws the numbness and we realize how much we do care.  It hurts to come alive again but the Lord must take a person through that and passed it in order to grow.


In another application to the Word, I like how QW MEMBER mentioned avoiding confrontation.  If we play dead, it stops duels and confrontive people.  The way to avoid an argument is not to argue.  Consider how the Lord asked us to STAND AND WITHSTAND, which is mentioned numerous times in Eph 6.  It was a defensive stand.  He didnt say to go after the enemy, take him down as the aggressor.  The parable of the possum is that sometimes the best way to overcome a demonic attack is to die to self at that very point of confrontation and then just stay there and dont fight it.  The quickened way to end an argument and duel is simply to die and not participate. 


This IS the year of TURNING.  Those who have been sifted and upside down will be turned over and realigned with understanding God's Word and heart.





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