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Often when we are exposed to unclean things we bring the slime home with us. I have something which I call "doing the dailys". Every day we have grooming habits like brushing our teeth, etc. We also need to develop spiritual grooming. When I go to the mall, walk among a crowd, or go to church, the first thing I do is command all the unhealthy virus and bacteria to die and not live on me. The second thing I do is bind demons and tell them they can not follow me home. This is daily maintenance.

Before I learned this, I was in a pattern of having to fight other people's demons after having been with them. I first discovered this when I had been hugging a person at Sunday church, who was suffering a deep, deep bipolar depression. On Mondays I was being attacked with horrible depression myself, like a vortexing spiritual power, until I fought it off. I finally made the connection and closed the door to it and also commanded that it could not follow me home. After this season came and went, the person finally pulled out of the deep depression and I had also learned to no longer bring the battle home. Now that my eyes were opened to this, I started discovering the same thing was happening with other spiritual issues that people were overcoming. I learned to leave a blessing with the person, but also commanded that the demons could not follow me home.



"Those with the gift of discernment feel what someone else is feeling. It doesn't mean you have this, rather use the understanding to pray for those in the room. There is a gift of compassion to feel these things. Stop and pray."



John Paul said that flushing dreams is to get rid of the slime where you brush up against people in public that have demons. The demons soils you and you experience a little bit of what that person is experiencing. It drives you to prayer and to flush it out.



~ Don't Take It Personally ~

Keith said that Bob Jones taught him that when you have a dream from the enemy you don't take it personally. "He said you get up, go into another room, break it off, deal with it until it is gone, then go on back to bed and rest. He said you don't fall under condemnation and say oh my Lord I have sinned and make it so you don't have the faith to get up and share the things you've got to share."

~ Flush After Every Customer ~

"There is also this flushing that takes place in our soul, especially if you are in ministry. Bob says that when you minister to someone, you flush after every customer. All these people come in with all their stuff on them. And you are laying hands on them and you are doing your best to deliver them. Very often you will go back to your room and go to sleep and the very things that you are delivering the people from will come back at you. They will try and attach to you. So very often our dreams are this flushing mechanism where there is this purging of our soul through this flushing."



[NOTE: I heard the following during a season when the Lord was teaching me that demons use carnal TV as open doors to dump on us.]

HEARD: Rise higher. Wash the toilet. Flush the toilet. Sprung a leak. Roadblock TV. Watch the right channel. Captive wings. Use discipline. Combat. A live wire. Medical alert. Close the door. Wires obedient. Trained you. It's easy to discern. I AM working all things together for good.

DREAM: I had a yucky dream about poop and shame.

HEARD: Shame. What do you do with it? Flush. Let it go. Put it behind you. No more shame. All gone.

STRONG CONFIRMATIONS: I had written the word 3,000 flushes on the bulletin board to remind me to buy some more of the chlorine tablets for our toilet tanks. Suddenly, Wayne heard the toilet flush and no one was in there. It was a supernatural hearing as I heard nothing. He didn't know I had written it on the board, nor did he know of this rhema.


EXPERIENCE: Today Anna said that her pastor had been doing deliverance sessions most of the day at church. When he returned home he felt an oppression before he went to sleep, but was too tired to deal with it. In the morning, when they let the cat in, it arched its back and began to hiss as if it was seeing something they did not see. They put the cat out and did warfare throughout the house. When the cat was brought back in, it was perfectly fine.




{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words}


The world is stained and soiled and when you walk in the world, it sticks to your shoes. Learn to wash it away by doing your daily maintenance. Pray in the Spirit, meditate upon My Word, worship Me and take authority over the demonic world. Keep your heart and soul in diligence and strive to walk in holiness. Love all but do not partake of their sins.

Resist condemnation and shame. The enemy wants to place this barrier between us and drive you away from My Presence. Come boldly before Me, knowing that I love you and forgive all your sins. Let nothing stand between us and do not harden your heart to My voice for holy living. The world is pressing in, do not allow it. Keep diligent watch over your soul and live in peace.

1 Tim 5:22 NKJV

Do not lay hands on anyone hastily, nor share in other people's sins; keep yourself pure.


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