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JOHN PAUL JACKSON 5/25/10:  {He shared this on the channel DayStar on the show called Celebration with Joni & Marcus Lamb }


Last night I was listening to John Paul Jackson, who is an 11th hour prophet sent to warn people of the last days.  An angel visited his Mom and said she was going to get pregnant and to call him John Paul.  He said she would carry him for 11 months as a sign that he was a prophet in the 11th hour.  He was indeed born after being carried in the womb for 11 months.


Joni asked him of all the things he has seen for last day events, what was the most cataclysmic?  John Paul said it was the great earthquake where he saw skyscrapers fall.  The buildings screamed right before they fell.  He said that he saw everything flattened behind him as he was driving away from LA, it was flattening even as he was driving.  He also saw himself in a car in LA where a huge hole opened up and he jumped to a flatbed truck and escaped.  He feels that since he was there, it meant it would happen in his life time.


In the 80's he saw gold escalate up to $2000 an ounce and the Lord said that it would escalate tot hat high before everything began to happen. 


SANDY PRAYER:  Lord we continue to pray for Your mercy and protection for those who live in California and that You will remember the righteous who live there and who cry out for her.  We ask that in judgment, You will remember mercy and save the lost.  We ask that You will draw mankind to call out upon the Name of the Lord, for You promised that as many as call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.  And even if it is their last breath, we ask that Your Presence will be near and they will call out upon the Name of Jesus Christ.


James 2:13

For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.


 Rom 10:13

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.






I have since listened to Mike Bickle's testimonies of his history with his House of Prayer.  This free series is a totally astounding testimony of how the Lord used Bob Jones for 10 years to establish Mike's work in prophetic prayer and worship for the youth revival that will go around the world and make an impact in the last days of great peril.  My husband and I believe Mike's history is all about each one of us and we highly recommend your taking the time to listen to them.  You will be amazed. 


Anyway, in the second one, Mike shares how when Bob Jones died, that right before he was going back into his body, he heard two angels speak about America.  One angel told Bob of a coming world wide war followed by worldwide famine. The war will be more severe than WW1 and WW2 and it is yet in the future.  It will touch the entire planet and will be followed by great famine across the earth. 


Mike continued, saying there would be pockets of mercy, where in a time of crisis, He would have mercy in geographic areas that have rain when other places have no rain.  They will have prosperity where other places have no prosperity economically.  They will have healing where a plague is breaking out on the earth.  These pockets of mercy will be established through night and day, holy lives and persevering prayer.  This type of prayer is the only way forward to have pockets of mercy in time of crisis. 


Mike said that Bob was told that on the east coast, there will be limited nuclear exchange before the Lord returns.  And cities on the east coast would be destroyed with nuclear weapons.  Not all of the cities, but some of them will. 


In Mike's pdf notes, (also available at the same link) ...


The video and notes are called "A Worldwide Youth Movement:  Prophetic and Intercession"


.. he marked George Washington's vision at Valley Forge in the library of congress. George saw three great wars (Revolutionary War, Civil War and the End-Time war).  Bob saw that the crisis would be effected by prayer in the midwest, which is where the International House of Prayer is located. 


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