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investing in GOLD and silver  1/01/15

Someone asked me today to pray about their investing in gold due to USA debt and fragile money matters.  As I was thinking about that prayer request, I heard and saw:
Gold ten four.  Then I saw a 10 of clubs and a 4 of clubs.  I felt this was saying something like, “Rodger, I got that” or “10/4” which is what radio callers used to say. 



Roger That:  "last transmission received/understood"ť

In the days of the telegraph, the Morse code letter R (dot-dash-dot) was sometimes used to indicate "received" or "message received/understood." When radio voice communication began to replace telegraphs, Roger, the code word assigned to the letter R in the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet (the radio alphabet used by all branches of the United States military from 1941 to 1956), took on the same role.

A few days later I happened upon the following Neville Johnson’s word about gold and knew it was an answer to their prayer.



·       The crash did not bring the antichrist, although the crash was worldwide.

·       USA dollar falls  - Euro more valuable

·       Interest rates up 20%, banks foreclose on homes

·       Those who had cash and transferred it to gold and silver just before the fall, said now they were worth 4 fold of what it was.  They were able to trade in gold and silver.  Buying up printing presses, buildings and things to be used for the kingdom.


This reminds me of the warning Bobby Conner shared in 2010:





From the section called COMING EVENTS


"Money-Markets are Unreliable

Money-markets will remain extremely undependable, and untrustworthy.  The plans of man will prove to be defective and unpredictable - and the erratic plans and policies will continue to breed chaos and discord among the people.


If the current economic situation continues, we could see a world in which the US dollar is worthless.


Years ago I was given a vivid trance, which I feel has significance for our day.  In this encounter, the Lord Jesus said to me, "I am going to show you chaos and anarchy on a level you have never seen before!"


At that point, I was standing in a bank somewhere in America XE "America, USA, United States"  and I saw a person present a $100 bill to a bank teller.  The teller said to the man, "Sir, I am sorry, but we no longer honour that currency here!"


When the teller made that remark, I was shown the landscape of the entire world - a world that had gone mad.  Words cannot describe the carnage.  At the time I had this encounter, our present day money design was not in use.


Our focus must be upon the promises of God not the problem and politics of man.  God is our provider and He will meet every need (see Philippians 4:19). Just as God provided for His people in the wilderness He ill meet our every need (see Deut 2:7)."


{End Bobby Conner XE "Bobby Conner, Bobby"  quote}






Once gold crosses 2,000 an ounce, keep it.  It will go up much, much higher than that.  Buy gold and keep it no matter what the valley.  It will go dramatically go down, way down.  It will come back up to even more and greatly exceedingly from where it fell from.


[JP also said there would be cyberattack on banking receipts.  If not every week, every other week, print copies that you paid and what you owe, from your banks.]


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