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Even so, we do have an issue with measuring spiritual fruitfulness that makes it dangerous to apply monetary value to spiritual fruit. The Moravians reportedly had one martyr for every convert with some of their early missionary efforts. Sometimes the seeds sown through such works do not sprout for another generation.

A story which is often told around our city is how the great evangelist Mordecai Ham came to Charlotte and preached his heart out night after night, but left considering it his greatest crusade failure because he only had one convert. His convert was a fifteen-year-old boy named Billy Graham. Mordecai Ham probably died never knowing that what he considered his greatest failure may have been his greatest success for the kingdom.

The point is that it is hard to measure spiritual fruit. It could be that a missionary who has labored in a place for years with little or no visible fruit is still in the right place and doing a great work. He could be sowing good seed into good soil, but it may not sprout for years or even decades to come. Likewise, missionaries who go into a place and immediately begin to reap a huge harvest may do so because they are entering into the labors of others or because of intercessors they will never even know about.



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