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On Christmas 1996 my son received a subscription to AOL and I was watching him type on about 7 screens all at once.  I could hardly believe what he was doing and so I asked him what was going on!  He was responding to all the people that were talking to him in various chat screens that were popping up all over, and he was carrying on about 5-7 conversations at once, LIVE.  I was amazed. 


Soooooooo, while son is at school, I decided to find out what the internet was!  My first adventure, I typed in Christian prayer and found some place where people were requesting prayer.  So I just started typing my prayers for people.  All of a sudden people were writing me thank yous and telling me I prayed exactly what they needed and how did I know?  I had no idea this was 2 way stuff and anyone would respond!  I was stunned at the sudden open door and opportunity I had to make a difference in people's lives.  I had been waiting on the Lord for 13 years to print my first book and He had told me it was TIME, and my first time on the internet seemed to confirm that.


I saw that AOL had a free program to download for people to build their own websites, and so I downloaded it onto my computer and jumped in!  A couple months later my first book was printed, my website was up and I took off on the race and adventure of a lifetime.


There are multitudes who are without Christ and would never find the Lord in a church.  There are also multitudes of believers who do not attend church, due to location, illness, time and family needs.  My heart is and always has been to adopt the orphans who are hungry to know God and help them be validated and planted in hearing Him.


Now there are so many amazing opportunities to share the gospel and your testimony on the internet!  And the software available to encapsulate them is awesome.  God has prepared a wonderful door to reach out and minister to people in their homes.  YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.


Dan 12:4 NKJV

"But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase."


CONFIRMATION:  Tonight I couldnt sleep so I decided to listen to Bill Johnson, "Healing of the orphan spirit," and he said the following about the internet.



QUOTE:  BILL JOHNSON"It's amazing this iBethel TV thing.  How it links people, all over the nations, all over the world.  I see the numbers and I see the map where people are all over the map, all over the globe that are watching and it's impressive.  What really impacts you is when you go.  I was just in Taiwan the week before.  And people from Mainland China come over to Taiwan and tell you that iBethel TV is their life line and that they watch week after week.  It is really quite amazing... We are glad we can get together as a family over the internet."




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