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The following Word was given to one of our intercessors at church. Here is her experience. Notice that once again these geese words are all given the same day. I have waited for the understanding of how He was wanting them plugged in. With so many confirmations, I 100% believe this is a confirmation to Bob's seeing the geese in his vision about the holy highway.


“...Today God showed me something amazing. Often when He shows me things, I really have NO idea exactly what it means until the time of His choosing .. then ding! ding! ding! the light goes on and I “get it”, cry over His Greatness and thank Him for taking time to show me something. Anyway, here's one of those priceless tidbits that the Father gave me today.


As I was driving through the busy downtown area on my way home from a doctors appointment, something in the sky caught my eye.. it was a white huge cross. I saw where jets had criss crossed the sky and momentarily considered this “cross” may just be exhaust from an earlier jet, but after being so drawn to it, I realized this was something very different. This was definitely a cross, and not from a jet's exhaust.


I realized that this was a flock of ducks or geese flying in formation...and I realized how extremely high they were flying. I'm not a duck or goose expert but these birds were flying higher than normal so all I could do was watch and wonder. Suddenly I got “5 fold ministry flying higher than ever”. As I was pondering this I realized I was near the intersection where I needed to make a left turn to get on the highway and saw a huge sign that read “High 5”.


When I finally got to the expressway this huge cross was still in the sky but now it had changed. At the bottom was a finger, looked like the forefinger and it was pointing at something. My car has an accurate compass and so I looked at it. I was driving North."





Post Falls, ID • March 2003



"I saw that the people I would be talking to today had been driving on a real muddy road. There was just mud everyplace and it was so hard for you all to go any place. And this mud was getting on your windshields and you just could not see where to go. You were trying the best you knew how to drive in this muddy road. And the Philistines is what muddied up the wells. But Isaac cleaned them out, which is laughter, which is a type of Christ. And I was driving on this road and I'm thinking, Lord what have these people gone through here. Haven't you got a road better than this?


And He showed me a road that He was building. It's not ready yet. But it's on its way. And it was a straight and narrow way. Where you will be able to go more in an hour than you have been able to go in a week or a month. This is in the highway of holiness. This whole vision I had today is in this picture. There is 10 geese there and a straight and narrow way. This straight and narrow way is Isaiah 35. You can study it if you want to. I'm not going to read it to you or explain it to you. You want to know what you are coming to, then read Isa 35. It's a higher way then you have ever drove before and a straighter way. And it is the fast lane. And it wasn't quite finished. I believe it will be finished by Passover. When the tulips bloom. And I believe you will begin to see an escalation in where you are going and getting there."



SANDY'S INTERPRETATION: Those who are sold out to God have been moving as one unit, to higher places in the Lord. They are going through the way of the cross, and moving up onto the holy highway of Isa 35.


{end of her experience}


SAME DAY CONFIRMATIONS: I received the following the same day she emailed me her Word about the geese:



On the way to town, my eye was drawn to a billboard. I saw some ducks or geese.


CONFIRMATION: Wayne immediately spoke outloud: “Organize your flock.” He was reading what was written on a billboard that I did not get to see. It was a photo of some ducks or geese.


QUICKENED EYE GLANCE: A few minutes later I turned my head to the right and my eye landed on a Canadian goose in a pond.



I received the following note from an intercessor this morning:


“...You know last night, I was lying in bed praying and praising God, and all of a sudden I felt like I was being “drawn up”. I felt like there was something like pulling my spirit up and up and up. I couldn't see anything, but just had the strongest sensation that somehow the inner part of me, the core of me or something was being taken almost taken from my body and being lifted up.


It only lasted for about 10 minutes, and never really saw anything or went anywhere, but there was this intense feeling that I was traveling up and up and up, but there wasn't light, or anything around me. Just this strange sensation of traveling up like I was about to reach something but obviously didn't reach it...”


STRONG CONFIRMATION: This morning as I am considering this whole geese Word and asking Him what He was saying, suddenly I literally hear some geese flying directly over our home on their way north. Our homes is on their migration path and I hear them every year going and coming. It is always a delight to me.


ANOTHER CONFIRMATION: 4/23/06 This Word to Ponder came out tonight. It was from my December rhema where I heard several times that month about the birds migrating.



I know your faith is sorely tried in this place where seemingly no foundation is sure beneath your feet. Rise up, dear ones, rise up. Whatever is holding you back, let go of the mortal and set your value on eternal wealth. See things from the long view and yield what is shaking to Me. Rise up and trust Me that I AM your Keeper and I will take care of you.


Stay together, and bonded in unity. I AM moving you, carrying you on the wind of My breath. Look at them go. Moving forward as one unit. Flapping their wings, migrating to a new place. Warmer spiritual climate. Safer, warmer, held. Your faith, it matters, really matters. You will find your rest there and security there as this world shakes on the ground far below.


2 Cor 13:14 AMP

The grace (favor and spiritual blessing) of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the presence and fellowship (the communion and sharing together , and participation) in the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen (so be it).



The following quickened entry about the migration and a Word I sent to a friend, based on our driving home after church on a very foggy night. I now notice in that Word, it says 35 MPH as in Isaiah 35. (smile) And on that same day, I heard the Lord say “organize” and that connects with the quickened billboard of some ducks or geese and Wayne saying, Organize your flock.”


HEARD 11/19/05: Organized


I wrote the following Word to a friend. It was based on an experience we had coming home from church one very foggy night.


“...As we rounded one of the last corners before coming into town, I looked behind me and there was a string of headlights all equally spaced, for as far as I could see. Not one of them tried to pass, they were all content to string along like ducks in a row. It brought me to tears. It was a God moment for me. Here is what I saw in that moment.


You were on the very, very tip of the arrow in your faith, leading the way like Joseph. You were sent like Mama duck to pierce through the fog and set the pace. We were each strategically planted where we were to be for this season, and our connections were divinely engrained in holding our part of the line in the Lord.


I was supporting the front liners right now. When ducks migrate, they take turns leading the way at the tip of the arrow that they form in the sky. When the front one gets tired, they trade positions and fall back in line so the beat of the wind is broken for them for a while.


You set the pace at 35 MPH. It was exactly perfect for our safety and not too fast and not too slow. It reminded me of the long fast I went on in the 80's. It was 15 weeks and represented 3.5 months, which represented 3.5 years....


Here is a past Word the Lord gave me about the migration of the intercessors:



Consider the geese when they fly in the sky,

Lined up like an arrow, when they pass by.

In oneness they move, united in synch.

One after the other, they are so linked.


They move forward to comfortable weather.

It is their instinct to stay together

As I plant in their hearts this common ground,

Of moving on and following the sound.


They are noisy as they move overhead.

While some stay for winter, these press on instead.

With vision and purpose they flap their wings.

Through the cold air, forsaking winter's sting.


Taking the brunt of the opposing air

The lead bird is strengthened against what's there.

I pour into him the strength of My might

As he seeks the landscape for promise in sight.

As he takes his place all others follow suit,

Then together they move on in one pursuit.

He takes his watch at the tip of the arrow.

Setting forehead like flint through bone and marrow.


He's fulfilling his time with faithful passing.

He can hear other flocks gathered and massing.

It strengthens resolve to proceed past winter,

Behind him is frozen from cold endured. .

Before him is comfort and warmth and rest.

As he flaps his wings opposing the test.

He knows My way through instinct in his heart.

With resolve inside, he shield's fiery darts.


From the unit he's leading, he takes the brunt.

Their sound from behind braces him out front.

Should he grow tired, they all change places.

For another to watch, releasing My graces.


So consider the birds as they fly in the air,

And know your position to stay in prayer.

I AM moving you forward to a better place.

Follow My calling and soar with My pace.


Ps 133 NKJV

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, running down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, running down on the edge of his garments. It is like the dew of Hermon, descending upon the mountains of Zion; for there the LORD commanded the blessing - Life forevermore.




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