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FUNNY QUICKENED SONG: I was thinking about my son while at the same time singing the song Blessed be the Name of the Lord. The Lord filled my mouth, because when I came to the chorus, instead of singing, “He is our God, He is our God, He is the Lord” …


I sang, “He's in the bag, he's in the bag, of the Lord!” The Lord has a wonderful sense of humor and gives me parables of bags to represent the word beset in Psalms 139.


We cannot depart from His Presence. The Lord was telling me that my son was in His bag, completely sealed, fortified and protected.


Ps 139:3-5 KJV

Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways. For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O LORD, thou knowest it altogether. Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.




OT:6696 tsuwr (tsoor); a primitive root; to cramp, i.e. confine (in many applications, literally and figuratively, formative or hostile):


KJV - adversary, assault, beset, besiege, bind (up), cast, distress, fashion, fortify, inclose, lay siege, put up in bags.


VISION: I saw someone inside a huge bag. Then the bag opened up, fell to the floor and a spot light came from heaven falling on top of the person in the bag.


HEARD: Make manifest.



I have surrounded you day and night with My constant keeping power. It is like being put inside a bag, where you are totally shut in and confined by My loving Presence.


Do not run from your calling. Yes I have called you and placed My spotlight upon your head. It shall make manifest My life within you as My living testimony. Do not run from this exposure, although I know in the natural it is very intimidating. In this candling, the enemy would like to accuse you before Me and before all mankind. He would like to cause you shame and press you in. But I AM your judge and have declared you innocent because the blood of My dear Son was shed for you. So rise above the guilt of your humanity and spread your wings of faith.


One day at a time, I shall lift you higher to Me. When the day comes that you feel the spotlight, remember that I have all things in control and you are still in the bag of My Presence. It is invisible so that My light will shine from within and without, but it is there to safely keep you in all that you do and say.


“You both precede and follow Me. You place your hand of blessing on my head. Such knowledge is too wonderful for Me, too great for Me to know! I can never escape from your spirit! I can never get away from your presence!” (Ps 139:5-7 NLT)






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