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HEARD:  Remnant watch out.  I see you coming alive.  If you expect, it will come.


VISION:  I saw the form of a Man walk through a door.  I could not see His face, so I am thinking He was the Holy Spirit.  I have seen this Man many times and I see His hair, body and shape but never His face. 


Bob says the Holy Spirit is a faceless Man called the Paraclete, which is the Greek for the Holy Spirit.  He says the reason you dont see His face is that He glorifies the Lord Jesus and not Himself. 



parakletos (par-ak'-lay-tos); an intercessor, consoler:

KJV - advocate, comforter.


John 14:16

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter (3875), that he may abide with you forever.


John 16:7

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter (3875) will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.


8/13/14  ENCOUNTER

The Holy Spirit walked towards me in the form of a Man.  I have seen Him many times and even heard His audible man’s voice, but have never see His face.  That is how I know He is the Holy Spirit.  When He draws near to me I have many deep longings for Him as He stirs my love and yearnings.  It is like drawing close to and loving Jesus as your first love.  He came close to hold me and when I relaxed and just let His hug comfort me, I felt something release deep inside my soul.  I felt something release inside of me and come out and then something was planted inside of me from Him.  It was like a divine exchange where He plucked something out and put something in from His chest.


When I came out of the experience the Lord told me He had taken out a childhood wound and given me a portion of Himself to replace the hole that wound had made.  I was astounded.  He had been leading up to this moment by giving me words and understanding that part of the reason I am the way I am was due to that wound.  I began to pray about that and ask Him to heal me because I could not heal myself.  And now in one beautiful encounter, I was delivered through His hug!  At the time this gave me a profound feeling of comfort, peace, relief, release.  And now I have great joy in viewing life without that wound!  HALLELUJAH!!



HEARD:  Hidden wounds.  Separations.  Taken.  Yearning in your heart.  Having said that, out with the old.  In with the new.  Adopted daughter.  [Lord Jesus that was You hugging me.]  Yes I did, it was Me the Holy Ghost.


As I have pondered this experience, it felt similar to when Bob prayed for me in this experience where he told me to breathe deeper and deeper and finally a hidden pain left me:



I dreamed I was at a conference and I was sitting in the front row, next to Bob Jones. He put his left hand on my forehead and his right hand around my shoulders and said, “Breathe in.  Hebrews. Love.”  Every time I breathed in, he said this over me and he also breathed with me.  Each time I breathed in deeper and deeper.  As we got to the bottom of the depth of breathing I felt a hidden pain in my heart that I had not felt prior.  And when I breathed out, it released and came out.  It was a heaviness and pain that left.


CONFIRMATION:  When I shared with Wayne about my experience, Wayne told me that Rick Joyner reported the same thing in his book, The Final Quest:



The Final Quest

by Rick Joyner

Page 107


I was amazed to recognize this man as a contemporary of mine, for I did not even know he had died. I had never met him on earth, but he had a great ministry which I respected very much. Through men that he had trained, thousands had been led to salvation, and many large churches had been raised up that were almost totally devoted to evangelism.


He asked if he could just embrace me for a minute, and I agreed, feeling quite awkward. When we embraced, I felt such love coming from him that a great pain deep within me stopped hurting. I had become so used to the pain that I did not even notice it until it stopped. After he released me, I told him that his embrace had healed me of something. His joy at this was profound.




The next morning after my encounter, I was listening via webstream to a live conference by Sadhu Sundar.  When Sadhu was closing his last meeting at the live conference, he was giving Words and the Lord told me to listen to the one that was coming up, as it was for me.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt, Sadhu was dictating what he heard from Jesus and Jesus was giving this Word as a massive confirmation to my experience.  I am SO, SO blessed this!


“My dear sister, Jesus Christ is standing before you. And He tells me He's going to answer your prayer more than what you have asked or think. He's going to be like a father to you.  Deep down in your heart you have always yearned for a father's love. He's going to be more than a father to you. Each time you pray He will come and hug you close to his bosom.  And let you taste and see His father's love. And you will not consider yourself an orphan any more. That thought is plucked from the depths of your heart right now.”




I had a dream last night that I was laying down on the floor, I tilted my head back to see who it was, I saw it was Jesus!!! I felt an utter sense of relief like I have never felt in my life.  I said to Him, 'You didn't forget me!' and He laughed and said, 'No! I didn't forget you! I would never forget you!’ I asked Him if I could hug him and He laughed and said 'Yes!'  I never even looked at Him all I wanted to do was hug Him and hold onto Him.  Holding Him filled me with a sense of internal healing and completion like a work was finished.  I woke up feeling changed.  I knew that the Lord was not just promising to come anymore… HE WAS HERE!  


That morning I went for my normal daily walk at a forest preserve near my home.  It was overcast and gloomy but I didn't care because I was changed, healed and full of joy!  I happened to look up at one point and was stopped in my tracks at what I saw.  In the cloudy sky was a hole punched through the clouds like a porthole.  The clouds around it were being pulled into the hole like a vortex. I could see through the hole to the other side and there was blue sky and smaller clouds passing by.  I said 'Lord, I know you are there watching me from that porthole!'


Two days later I went out of town and the first full day there it was cloudy with a chance of rain.  I was walking with my husband when I happened to look up and low and behold there it was again!  Another hole in the clouds exactly the same way!  I felt such a strong sense of support from the Lord.




What a wonderful conformational witness that the Lord is coming to hug us!  My sense is that the Lord has really opened a window through His porthole lattice to connect with us.  If you remember that one of the things for 2015 is about the circling winds and staying in the center of His eye.


There are many people who are too ill to attend church and for years and years I have been calling on the Lord that He would make house calls... like the doctors in the olden days.  Well yours and my experience is a testimony that He is making house calls and the time is NOW!  WOWWOWOWOWOWWOOWWOWOWOWOWOW.


The other thing that I "see" in your experience is a prophesy about this season in the story in Song of Sol where the Lord comes to His beloved and He looks at her through the lattice.  (That Heb word lattice means porthole.) And then He puts His hand on her door handle and it stirs her.  But she doesnt get up when He beacons her to come away with Him.  That has been a picture of the church for decades.  I have heard so many sermons and prophesies based on that one place in Song of Sol where she misses the opportunity...


Our 2 combined testimonies in this season tells me that the Lord is coming through the lattice NOW and THIS TIME we are awake and waiting for Him expectantly because we have caught the foxes in our lives and we WILL respond to His call and come away with Him!


Song of Solomon 2:9-13   My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag: behold, he stands behind our wall, he looks forth through the windows, showing himself through the lattice.  10 My beloved spoke, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.  11 For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;  12 The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land;  13 The fig tree puts forth its green figs, and the vines with the tender grapes give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.



I am laughing with joy!!!  I just sent Wayne your above photo and he said, that is a cool angel.  I said WHAT ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He showed me his computer screen which is darker than mine and I could clearly see the angel BLOWING through the porthole.  I took the photo and removed the brightness and made it darker (and did nothing else) and you can see her smiling with her cheek all puffy and her lips at the porthole!!! 



UPDATE 10/15/14:  One thing he mentioned several times was her lips and I was so amazed at this obviously being an angel, I didn't really zero in on her lips.  This morning I see even the very clear dents along her smile line surrounding her lips.  It is so amazing once you see the detail.


The other thing I see are the little white lines coming from the porthole... it does look like the wind being blown through the hole.


Yesterday I noticed her hair looked like a bubble curly hairdo with something else plopped on the front of her head.  And Wayne said he thought it was all hair.  I said, who would wear their hair in such a strange way? Well I had the shock of my life when I woke this morning.


Sometimes at night when my hair bothers my neck, I pull the back up and pile it on top of my head.  I always wear a clip in my hair at night to pull back the front from my face.  So evidently in the middle of the night in the dark, I had taken the one clip and used it to put everything I could on top.  When I looked in the mirror this morning my hair was WILD.  It looked exactly like her hair in the photo.  I was completely shocked.  I think God was smiling at me and had a big laugh.




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