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Within a couple days of each other, I had 2 people write to me about helicopters. This was quickened to me.

From reader #1:
I had a very strange dream early this morning. In the dream someone was wanting to get us to a safe mountain retreat, my husband and I. We were asked to get into a helicopter. The strangest thing happened. The helicopter rose, but not very high. It flew above cars, but had to go between power poles and avoid the high voltage power lines.

We flew low so we would not be detected. I heard, " It takes skill to fly low and safely." I remember being very scared about how low we were and how we had to maneuver mountains and still stay out of sight.

We did arrive safely to the mountain retreat in the dream. There was some sort of war going on during this whole time.

The dream is confirmation that the Lord is the pilot. The funny thing about the dream is the actual pilot was LIGHT bright white Light.. I had forgotten that till now. The CO pilot I believe was a spokesman for the Pilot.

In the dream, we flew through a high voltage line that ran over head and on each side. One little move one way or the other and ZAP! But the skill needed was with the Pilot.


From Reader #2
In the middle of the night last night a helicopter flew over our house. It was so low that the window we have looked out to see car vandalize and other things rattle. It encourage me.




It was quickened to me to look up rhema about helicopters.



Heard:  I will obey You.  Righteousness.



PIXI saw the tail end of the tiny white water at the end of a rapid, or rough water.  The water was just slightly bubbled and frothy and I could see the current moving in a V as the froth disappeared.


HEARD:  Hospital.  After surgery.


PIXI saw a man turning a large crank, kind of what looked like the ones on the tongue of a boat trailer.


HEARDCinching.  Batting down the hatches. 

We have an important announcement to make.  Weathered the storm.  Jesus was good. Graduated.  International apostolic.  Foundation laid.  Attention everyone. 


PIX:  A black helicopter armed with weapons.  (It is the Black Hawk and is a front line stealth copter that flies at night in combat.)


I brought them across the hill.  The Lord of my soul truly loads us with daily benefits.  Like a grain of wheat that falls to the ground.  It cannot bear fruit.  Without death.  Gilgal. 


PIXI saw a choir director giving the hand signals that say repeat the song again.  


HEARDThe 11th hour.


CONFIRMATION:  Wayne was telling me this morning that like the men who stayed behind with the stuff that it was like the 11th hour where those that were called to work at that time would paid equally as those who had been working since the first.


1 Sam 30:8-10 NLT

And the LORD told him, "Yes, go after them. You will surely recover everything that was taken from you!" So David and his six hundred men set out, and they soon came to Besor Brook. But two hundred of the men were too exhausted to cross the brook, so David continued the pursuit with his four hundred remaining troops.



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