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We celebrated our granddaughter’s first BD this weekend and the Lord honored my heart with a precious gift. I bought her a baby doll stroller that had wide sturdy wheels that was like a walker to help her learn to walk.  Although I was in a painful flare in my body, I had gone to Wal-Mart and it was very hard for me to walk to the back of the huge store to find the toy and then stand in line to purchase it. 


The doll sized stroller was quite precious, and I also purchased a little baby doll to ride in it.  I spent a LONG time on my miserable feet trying to put the whole thing together with screws, because Wayne was sick.  I wanted her to have the joy of opening a gift and not having to wait for her Dad to put it together, since he is very busy.  And I really, really wanted to see my granddaughter walk for the first time. 


While dropping screws right and left and putting the wrong frame on backwards onto the wrong piece, I said, “Lord, this is a labor of love for my baby granddaughter, please help me!”  The instructions were just not making sense with the piece that I had in my hand.  It was then that I found the missing piece hiding behind the box and I needed to re-screw everything back into the right order.


With the background above, you can well imagine my joy when the moment our precious baby granddaughter opened it, she pulled herself up, hung onto the handle and started  WALKING!  I was totally THRILLED AND SHOCKED, knowing this was a personal gift of the Lord as He had helped in my efforts with this labor of love. 


You should have seen the look on her cute little face.  She was SO happy and SO proud of herself!  She was suddenly upright like the other children and she knew it!


CONFIRMATION ANOINTED CLICKER AND EYE GLANCE:  I had a longing to hear from the Lord tonight as I was not hearing Him as I wanted.  So I opened up the website page to the Most Recent Posts and I took the right hand mouse and pulled the scroll bar down to the place where my eye glanced.  I moved my hand straight across from where the mouse stopped and it was the following Post.  God is just SO amazing with how He speaks in so many wonderful ways.  I had completely forgotten this post! 



By Phil Russell


Friday 5/22/2009
On my morning walk I saw an old retired couple outside behind their home. They were both inspecting a baby stroller as if making sure they had figured it out correctly. This is something they have not done in a long time.

As I rounded the corner I saw another elder couple pushing a baby in a stroller. They were out for their morning walk, headed toward town.

When I got to the next corner I saw yet another set of retirees pushing yet another youngster in a stroller headed to town.

These new strollers are sure different than the ones we had so many years ago. Three bigger wheels instead of four and they look more maneuverable and built for speed and ease of travel over rougher ground.



QUICKENED GRAMMY CONVERSATION 6/06/09:  When I read the above post, the Lord reminded me that at the BD party, I had a conversation with our granddaughter’s other Grandma.  Her whole family are wonderful Christians and we are so very grateful for that.  I spoke to her about our prayers being very important in covering our grandchildren.  I mentioned that I had always heard testimonies of how grandparent’s prayers made a difference for children being saved, and coming into their inheritances, but did not really understand the role until I became a grandparent. 


I mentioned how we are just as bonded with our grandkids as we are with our children, and when we babysit them we are intimately involved in relationship with them.  But then, there is a rending of our heart strings when we give them back to their parents.  Part of us is relieved we don’t have to do it full time, but the other part is that we miss our grandkids when they are gone.  As a result, we muse over the character concerns that crop up during our times with them.  As parents, we were always directly involved with hands-on in helping train them.  However, as grandparents, the only recourse we have of resolving our concerns is to PRAY.  It is as though we are driven to prayer, because we can’t help our concerns, and we can’t directly fix them like a parent would in giving a direct and immediate attention.


  After all of this, I received an email today from one of my spiritual son’s who saw 2 visions about me.  He saw them on the same day of the BD party.  He saw my name connected together with the first name of our granddaughter’s other Grandma.  He had no idea who that person was, and the spelling of her name was also perfect.  In the second vision, he saw a manual I had written about our joining together to bring about revival and also fight against the enemies.  The theme of the manual was about how to raise up the kids.  It was perfect for what the Lord had been speaking to me about.


Isa 54:13-14 NKJV

All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.  In righteousness you shall be established; You shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near you.



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