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Hi Loved Ones,

In my last post about graduation, I shared several pieces of a "Graduation" puzzle, including my vision from the 80ís of seeing graduates from the tallest to the shortest line up on a field. I also shared, "As I pondered the idea of graduating, I have come to understand this is no small graduation. Three generations have been circling the wilderness for 40 years and those who are left of Generation X, the Baby Boomers, and their parents, are preparing to cross over and possess their promises." I received many wonderful responses to this post. However, one in particular was so encouraging I felt the Lord wanted this testimony to be shared with us all. I will share my insights after you read this from Bud Peterson, who is (almost) 70 years old. :)


Dear Sandy,

Thank you for sharing your puzzle pieces. I was truly gripped when I read this piece!

I am almost seventy years of age, and am now experiencing many things here and now that the Lord shared with me in dreams and visions 20 to 25 years ago. I have been wanting to graduate for a long, long time; and spiritual Canaan looks better than I could have ever imagined.

Over the past two months I have had an extended series of sequential experiences in fellowship with the Lord before His throne. During one of the more recent ones, the Lord asked me to stand up, then spoke that I had "Graduated." The experience occurred during the worship time at an area conference, during the evening session on May 28, 1999. I came into the Presence of the Lord Who was sitting on a throne in 'The Wheel in a Wheel.' He stepped down and touched the fingers of my right hand, which was raised in worship, with His raised left hand. Then, with His right hand, He spun me like a top. When I stopped spinning I faced one way, and He said He could send me that way. He spun me around again and I stopped, facing another way. He said He could also send me that way and I would go. He spun me once again and I faced a third way. He said He could send me wherever He wanted to, and that I would go that way.

Then He sat me down like a student in a classroom and said, "Rest, rest, rest." He then waited, once again sitting on His throne. Suddenly He said, "Come up here." I came, and in a swift ceremony with robes and all, He said that I had "Graduated." Then I sat down and rested again.

Again He called me up and I knew I was to hold out my empty hands. He stood and placed a large leather purse that was tied shut with a leather thong, into my hands and sat back down. As I studied the appearance of the gift, the thong seemed to untie itself, and before my eyes the bag began to open. Up and out of the purse, gold coins began to overflow into and out of my hands and onto the floor beneath. There seemed to be an endless supply of His provision flowing out of it! Again He spoke, saying "Pray it in. Speak it! All that you need supernaturally...... Then, GIVE IT AWAY!"

After that experience, a few weeks ago He asked me to come and lodge overnight at the Jordan River and prepare myself for the next day. He showed me His hands and there was blood flowing from the wounds. He fully touched the two sides of my face with them, and I had the freedom to take His wrists in my hands and slide His hands up onto my head. The blood then flowed down over my head and shoulders; then He stepped back. I was able to cross my arms in front of my chest and rub the blood over my shoulders and onto my back, then down my chest (like I would lather my body with soap in the shower) until I felt as though I was covered in His blood, and I had never felt so good and clean in my whole life. Then He took me across and told me to rest!

[I have been instructed in this experience - one of a sequence of almost a dozen - to rest, over and over again. I have sensed that the rest I am in is directly related to my being more like Him, so that I can live a more supernatural life, and as Jesus did, only work where the Father is working.]

The next day He warned me to stand back because He was going up before me. Then He came and escorted me across the Jordan on dry ground, giving me a stone out of the midst of it. As I stepped onto the bank He surrounded me with a pillar of blue that extended about one foot beyond me wherever I stepped in Canaan. He spoke that I was to sit down and rest, because He was bringing others across.

I then looked at the stone and was joyfully surprised by what was written on the other side of it. I have met about seventeen other people that have had some type of crossing experience since then, and one other mentioned a stone as well!

Sandy, this is a NEW DAY for me, and I am experiencing a NEW LIFE in my daily walk with Him. I never dreamed that I could relate to Him in such a fashion and still be alive in the flesh. The Lord has also accompanied these experiences with some physical healings in my body, so that I feel physically younger than I have for many years. There have been some special times of anointing while ministering to people after meetings, often involving strong manifestations on their part, including many opportunities to give away to them something the Lord is offering. I have felt the Lord was clearly showing me that the gold coins represents His wisdom, and that it is abundantly available in His presence to meet any need. There is abundance of wisdom for prayer, for healing, for discernment, anything according to His word to us.

I hope that some of what I have shared contains a piece or two of the puzzle too! Many blessings on you and your household.

Love, Bud Peterson

COMMENTS FROM SANDY: There were three things that really encouraged me as I read Budís experiences. Foremost, is that the Lord is already graduating people and bringing them across the river Jordan - that which we have been prophesying about for so long! (I wrote about crossing over in the mid 80ís.) Itís available NOW. Now is the time to press into the Lord like never before. Remember, "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you." (James 4:8)

Secondly, I REALLY liked that gold coin pouch. I considered this leather pouch tied with a leather thong as representing a graduation gift, but also it reminded me of something like a graduation scroll or certificate (tied with a cord) that we might receive in an earthly graduation. Inside the scroll says "You passed the course and this is your certification proving it."

On 6/9/95 I had a dream where our car had been flying (like a plane) and when we landed safely on the ground I was astonished looking around. I saw all this gold on the ground everywhere. There were globs of it, bricks of it, gold coins, etc. That night the Lord told me that the gold was a verification. Now connecting this piece with Budís, I see the gold says, "You passed the course and this is your certification proving it."

Another funny "Word" from the Lord happened a couple of years ago when I was walking at the mall. I became very tired, so I sat on a bench that happened to have a TV screen facing me. There was some kind of ad where I saw a rope dangling near the top of a lady's head. She looked up, and pulled the rope. Now at the exact second she pulled the rope, a coin operated children's train right next to me blew a loud whistle! And again at the exact second the whistle stopped, the gal on TV finished tugging the rope and a bucket full of gold coins from the sky fell on top of her head. (I love it when the Lord talks to me like that!)

On 10/18/89 Grandma Anna heard His still small voice say: "Whereís the money? Youíll see. Down by the riverside. Just. Waiting. Itís in your path. Youíll pick it up. Marching. An army. ÖThereís the money. Gold. Bright gold. Refined in the fire. Comes with eye salve. You bought it. The money. Thatís the rub. How will I handle it? Weakness. Lots of weakness. Iíll provide muscle. Big ones. Poppiní ones. Ear poppiní ones. Itís coming. Standing in line. One by one, by one. Silver dollars. Now bright gold."

Anna also heard His still small voice say on 10/15/89: "You are precious. A vineyard of red wine. I the Lord do keep it. Whereís the money? In you. Look inside and see. Dazzled. All white. Married to me. Private wedding. We are so close. I just whisper and you hear Me. Listen. Ears tuned to My voice. You hear Me. Hear a word behind you. Step this way. Walk. Feet know where to go. Fun. Wonderful path. You are on itÖ Time will come that connects dots. [Then I saw a vision of a little cartoon like figure putt putting along connecting the dots.] Whereís the money? I AM. In you. Freeing the captives."

The third thing that really encouraged me in reading Budís experience: "As I stepped onto the bank He surrounded me with a pillar of blue that extended about one foot beyond me wherever I stepped in CanaanÖ" This reminded me of a dream I had on 1/29/99 when I saw a traveling evangelist who was really a 7-8í tall angel. I didnít realize he was an angel until I woke up remembering how tall he was compared to all the people! This "man" was moving around the audience ministering to people and everywhere he walked, people would get radically touched by the Lord. They would get healed, or fall under the Lordís power, quake and tremble, receive a Word, etc. As I watched this "man" I could see that everywhere he walked, he was surrounded by this perimeter of power that extended 40 feet or so. So as he moved forward, going this way and that in the crowd, people would get radically touched within that 40í radius. The Lord brought the memory of his power field to mind when I read about Budís pillar of blue that extended one foot wherever he walked in Canaan.

The blue pillar also reminded me that we have some rhema of the Lord promising to upgrade His enduing power from a 110 to a 220 voltage. In 1997 I saw a vision of blue electricity flowing like current. The Lord said that it was a foretaste of His 220 power and that He was going to plug me in. I have had foretastes of this since last year, but have been experiencing it increasingly more so since January of this year. I wrote Bud back and asked him if he had received this and he said there was a lady at his church who is "often unable to stand nearby and warns me away until someone can bring her a chair......that may be 220 power, I'm not certain. All I know is, they are very aware of it, and I hardly sense that I have it at all. I am just trying to hear the Holy Spirit and obey His directions!"

Grandma Anna also heard the Lord talk about His 220 power on 3/20/89: "Ö Lots of hard work, but well paid. Going to be surprised when she gets the check. High salary plus a bonus. Need to plug her in again, but not until she rests. New plug is a 220. Coming. Will handle it all. Lots of electricity coming. Amazed. My army led by a captain. Me. Multiplied many times over. What an army! All marching as one. No thrusting. A unit. Love."

I will close with a Word to Ponder I wrote having to do with this 220 rhema the Lord gave us. For those of you who have not read any "Words to Ponder" from my site, they are prophetic devotional Words that were written based upon visions, dreams, His still small voice and other rhema. I hope this posting has blessed you with hope and encouragement to press into Him!


Sandy Warner


Awake My love. Much has been put into place while you were sleeping. "What is this?" you question. The lamp, once lit by 110 power has been replaced. The intercession is completed with the cord and plug updated.

Whatever you have seen or heard in the days of old, is now replaced with twice the power. Look at that cord coming down from heaven! It is 220 power plugged in and ready for use. Itís there, itís available. Simply plug into My power and use what is already installed. Prepare even now, for I AM going to reveal the greatest show ever witnessed on earth. A double portion is promised for the last days. Let the curtains rise. Turn on the power. Let the show begin!

"And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me." (2 Kings 2:9)








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