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In the March 2003 Idaho conference, Bobby Conner saw Bob Jones with a graduation cap and the Lord had turned his tassel. This was a very encouraging Word to hear, for I knew it had far reaching ramifications.


In the mid 80’s, I received a vision where I was overlooking a football field and it was filled with graduates. The line stretched very long, continuing outside the field, and they were lined up in rank and file, from the tallest to the shortest. I knew people’s heights had to do with age and maturity. The shortest were children. These were all graduating together at the same time. I have had many visions where I have seen people lined up in rank and file. I believe that the Lord is graduating 3 generations and together we are moving forward into His promises.


Another particular vision I had back then was of a long parade. Groups of people were lined up like marching bands, according to rank and size. I saw adults and children in their own groups of maturity. Each group was dressed in their own uniform, depicting similar giftings and callings. All the groups were in the same parade moving forward. I believe this is His great "foot" company being sent with gifts and callings to the world.


With that said, the next two batches of Ears2Hear are about "Graduation" then Freedom." I pray that the Lord opens your ears to understand more about the many facets of both of these prophetic themes as we prepare to graduate and go forth.

CONFIRMATION: As I saved the last of the graduation and freedom posts, my mouse hand suddenly jerked and clicked at the same time. I looked at the computer screen and I had accidentally opened the Windows Media Player. My eye fell on the line, "Now Playing!" He was confirming my prayer request of this morning. I needed to make sure about the timing of graduation and asked for confirmation. He is so funny!

I would have missed this blend of hearing Him, if I had not already been thoroughly confirmed in knowing that He speaks through our quickened eye glances, through our bloopers, and through unusual body movements. He lives inside of us, there is no doubt about it!

QUICKENED PARABLE: While at Wallmart, I noticed a little boy with his Mom. I somehow had the impression that he was smarter than most. Evidently, after I passed them, Wayne saw him trip and fall flat. When they caught up with me, the little boy was whimpering: "Mama, I don’t think I should go to graduation. It feels better, but I am still crying." I was flabbergasted at his words, as it was exactly what I had been feeling at the moment. When I looked at him there was not a tear on his face, but his voice was really whining! It was so precious. I recorded this experience in my journal because I knew the Lord was saying that this is how the body of Christ was going to feel when it was time to graduate…. Whiny! So, if you are feeling whiny, it probably qualifies you! {smile}

May the Lord give us more grace to get through our certification ceremonies with smiles and no tears, knowing that He has planned for us a future and a hope.









Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandy’s book, “101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.”  Website:    Email:  







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