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From Sandy Warner


Hi Loved Ones

Have you ever sat in a sun beam near a window, punched a pillow, and watched the dust swirl and twirl? (If you havenít, maybe thatís one of those leftovers from my childhood days!) Well the first week of 1999, at church during worship, I suddenly saw sparkling gold glitter swirling and twirling in circles. I marveled at such a thing and asked the Lord what it could mean. Without my saying anything, a couple weeks later a lady came forward in church and shared a vision sheíd had.


Vision & Word given to Jennifer Holland:

As I was worshipping I saw gold dust filling the air. I asked the Lord what it was and He said it was the physical expression of His Presence. In other words, it was what we perceive in our understanding and experience of Him. Then I saw a gold miner standing in a stream panning for gold. He was picking up little flakes of gold in his gold pan and was very excited as he gathered each one in his dish. The Lord said, "That is My church, standing in the stream of My Presence and glory."

I perceived that we were satisfied and excited about those little nuggets and little flakes of the gold. There was a tendency to want to "camp" at the spot and not move on up the stream. I sensed a striving to get what gold could be found in the pan, but there was not a striving to go to the source, a digging into Him.

Then the Lord spanned the scope of my vision outward and I could see the stream with the mountain behind it. The Lord asked, "What is the source of that gold? The source of that gold is in the mountain. My very Presence is in the mountain." I could see a river of gold running through the mountain.

Prophetic Word:

"Come into the mountain, come into My very Presence. The flakes of gold are only like the sluffings off of Who I AM, and what I AM and what you are experiencing of Me. Come into the very Source of that gold. It may take digging, it may take a blasting away to get to the gold, but press into Me. You have been satisfied with the flakes when the mother lode is waiting. Press in, climb up stream and find the mother lode."

from Jennifer Holland

[end of vision]


A couple weeks after Jennifer shared this, I read several pages of posted e-mails of people seeing gold dust, gold sparkles, and gold glitter all over the world. People saw it literally and they saw it in the Spirit. The following is a reprinted vision used with permission.


Vision given to Lori Hankins:

About 7 years ago I had a vision: I was up on a stage preaching the gospel when suddenly Jesus appeared behind me. Then as I spoke gold dust started coming out of my mouth. I saw it come out and land on the people in the audience. I turned and looked at Jesus and He smiled and nodded His head yes. So I continued to share and then had the urge to blow upon people. When I did this the gold dust went all over the room filling the atmosphere. It was so incredible and real in the vision.

from Lori Hankins

[end of Loriís vision]


Dream given to Sandy:

After I wrote this gold dust post, but was waiting upon the Lord to send it, He gave me a dream: My Dad had a plant nursery, and I was enjoying the beautiful landscaping, the plants and the pools. As I was enjoying the lush setting, I passed by a huge solid gold boulder. A little miner (probably an angel) was standing in front of the gold boulder with his pick and shovel in hand ready to pass out chunks of gold. The reason he appeared so small is because the solid gold boulder was towering over his head! As I passed by I suddenly had large chunks of gold in my mouth. (About the size of jelly beans.) They felt quite strange and I wasnít sure if I was to swallow them or spit them out! At the same time I was deciding what to do with these gold chunks, a family asked me to pray for their son. The son was crooked with disease. I was not sure what I was supposed to do because I needed to pray for their son, but my mouth was filled with all of this gold! I woke up still deciding what I was supposed to do with these gold chunks.

2 Visions given to Sandy:

Today as I was preparing to send this post out, more posts came in about the Lord literally filling gold teeth. Teeth fillings are a parable of filling holes caused by decay. This reminded me of 2 visions I had in the early 80ís. In the first I saw the army of cankerworms coming in masses over the hills and valleys. Everywhere their slime touched, they left gaping holes in people. The only way to keep from being "slimed" was to vigorously exercise oneís conscience. In the scripture about the cankerworms, we have the Lordís promise, "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among youÖ And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions. And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days." (Joel 2: 25, 28,29)

In the other vision I saw my baby sonís brand new tooth popping through and simultaneously heard the Lordís still small voice say, "There will I make the horn of David to bud." (Psalm 132:17) The word horn comes from a root Hebrew word meaning to grow a horn (like a rams horn). In part of the animal kingdom, horns are usually a symbol of the growth of authority. So as I ponder the sign of Him filling/replacing teeth with gold, I see the Lord saying He is wanting to restore our authority in Jesus to pray for the crooked and maimed and release the captives.

The last few weeks I have perceived a noticeable increase in His anointing. He is closer, His Presence is stronger and the manifestation of His power is stronger. I firmly believe that we have a door of opportunity opened to us at this very hour. He is drawing us closer to Him in preparation for what is to come. This is not a time to take the increases of His golden glory for granted, rather it is a time to persistently climb up stream, and dig deep until we find His mother lode. Itís waiting. Heís waiting! His gold rush is coming and He is asking us, "Do we want the gold dust or the Mother Lode?"



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