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When I was a little girl and we visited my great grandparents, I had 2 things I loved to do. My first joy was taking a bee line into their sunroom, filled with wall to ceiling windows and plants. It was bright and cheerful, no matter how gloomy the weather.

In the back of that happy room was a giant treasure box. It was Dado’s desk.

Inside were all these cubby holes and slots to put things. I always opened the drawers and found things grouped together in their very own spot. My favorite spot were the Horehound candies!

After I had my fill of Dado’s desk, I would run upstairs to Nana’s sewing room. I would open her sewing drawer and run my hands through her buttons. LOTS OF BUTTONS.

Nana had miniature drawers and cubby holes for all her sewing supplies. Oh how I loved seeing everything had its place!

Many years later God gave me a vision of the inside of a post office. Angels were smiling so lovingly at me, their faces were shining. When I walked into that room, there were hundreds of little drawers, mail slots, cubby holes, and places to put things in desks, walls, everywhere!

When I saw the room I threw up my hands exclaiming, “OH I LOVE ORDER! I LOVE ORGANIZATION!” The angels smiled and laughed at my pure joy.

One day as I was pondering that vision, God reminded me that when He created the earth, the Bible tells us that it was without form and void. In the original language it says it was chaotic, confusing and dark. God took all the messy parts and pieces and began putting them together in perfect order and organization.

Do you have a room that needs cleaning and put back into order? Pray and ask God for help! You will feel good just like He did when He finished and said, “IT IS GOOD!”

Genesis 1:31 And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

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