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PIX:  I saw a kitty cat on the end of a couch arm and she was leaning towards something on the floor and getting ready to pounce. 


HEARD:  Help you overcome by faith.  Finally!


Update parable 9/28/07  GO FOR IT WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE


Anna and I spent a few days at the coast and I wanted to get some good photography.  For years I have been frustrated to see awesome sunsets from our home, but it is so surrounded by trees, wires and houses that it makes for lousy photos.  I have often thought how awesome it would be to be on the ocean with absolutely nothing between me, the sunset and the horizon for a clear shot of the sun as it goes down.   I have had many years to think about this. 


So at the ocean, I had decided that we would be out on the beach at sunset to get that long hoped for shot.  We had spent the day out and about and it was getting near time, so I took the shortest route to parking lot and the beach access.  We arrived and there was a sand dune between me and the horizon.  I went for it like a bee coming out of its hive.  I am sure if anyone had heard me, they would have thought I was loony.  I said outloud over and over again, “Lord I WANT this,  I REALLY want this.  I want this shot, please help me climb this mountain!  I have waited a long time to get to the horizon.  I want this, please HELP me!!”  I was panting and pushing, dragging and cramping, but after years of thinking about it, I wanted that shot.  I made it to the top and started shooting photos like mad.  Anna came huffing and puffing behind me and thought I was absolutely crazy.  She was still talking about it when we collapsed in the car. 



Beloved, sometimes the climb is straight up and hard.  But if it is My will for you to climb that mountain, I have already prepared you for it.  No matter how you feel, what your capacities are or are not, I want you up and out and conquering.  You have been malingering in dysfunctional hopelessness long enough.  I have put that vision in your horizon for a long time.  Deep inside, it is there beckoning you.  Now that you know, it is just over that hill, GO FOR IT LITTLE ONE.  Climb, pursue, press through, DONT QUIT.  Dont give up.  Up, up, up.  Soon you will be at the top and see the fullness of what has only been a seed.  And you shall know it is I Who has brought you to this place. 


1 Sam 30:7-8 NKJV

So David inquired of the LORD, saying, "Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?" And He answered him, "Pursue , for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all."



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