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Post Falls, ID • March 2003

He gave me a thing that I wanted to share with you. Last Oct and Nov my dreams were terrible. Every night there were one or two or three dreams. They were either spiritual, wrong spirit, mental, wrong spirit, or physical wrong spirit. They were financial, emotional, physical and sexual. We are 3 things, spirit, soul and body.

I was told I was too old, out of tune, unanointed, discarded, unwanted, rejected. And I would wake up and say NO. Then I would have another one. For 2 months I said NO.

On the last day of Hahnika in December. They were the worst. He said I am going to burn your house, I am going to kill all your family, you haven’t got any protection, you’re too far out on a limb. Nobody is praying for you. There just terrible fear and everything else. I would have to wake up and say NOPE. No way. You’re a liar. NO, NO, NO. But it would disturb my sleep. That Saturday morning I was really tired. I got and tried to make it through the day, but I was just too tired. I figured it was about 4 o clock that the devil had been up all night tormenting me, so that he probably was taking a nap so I went in and jumped in bed and I was going to take me one. So I no more hit the bed, then I was gone but not in sleep. I was gone before the throne. And there Viola and I stood holding hands. And I saw a man and his wife come up before the throne and Jesus was sitting on it.

I believe that Hanicak is not the birth of Christ, but the conception of it. And I believe that Christ was made flesh and dwelt among us at conception.

And these people were going up there before the Lord. And the first man and wife, they had the most beautiful basket of navel Sunkist oranges I have ever seen. They put this basket down and said, “Happy conception day Lord.” And He said, “Thank you.” Then came the next couple. They had the most luscious looking peaches you have ever seen. They were beautiful. They were big and looked real luscious. They put them at His feet and said, “Happy conception day Lord.” And one after another came and I just started weeping. I said, “Viola we don’t have any fruit to give the Lord.” It’s His conception day and I don’t have anything to give Him.”

You know you don’t bear fruit with works, you bear it with relationship. By abiding. You know I think that sometimes we try to earn brownie points with works, when we can only have it by relationship or intimacy. And so I started weeping. And the man that took me and Viola there said, “Why do you weep Bob?” By the way, He is faceless. I have never been able to see His face. He is called the Parakleet, the One that stands beside you. You may know Him as the Holy Spirit. He said, “Look at your hands!”

John 14:16 KJV
And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

parakletos (par-ak'-lay-tos); an intercessor, consoler:
KJV - advocate, comforter.

I looked down and we had a pink basket, Viola and I, and we both had a hold of it. We had the most big luscious grapes I have ever seen. They were as big as a baseball. I said they are the grapes that come from Esgo??? They are the promises of God, they are out of the promised land. I said, “Viola, we’ve got something to give the Lord!” I went up there and said, “Happy conception day Lord.” And He said, “Thank you. Do you know where you got those grapes Bob?” And I said, “No, no Lord I don’t” He said, Every time you said no to the devil the last 2 months you were baring fruit!”

And so He gave me a teaching on this. The only thing that you can give the Lord is the fruit of the Spirit. Everything else He gives. The fruit of the Spirit is character.

Gal 5:22-26 NKJV
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. 24 And those who are Christ's have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. 25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

So the fruit to come up they gave the orange, is Love. The color of orange means the sweet companionship of the Lord. Psalm 25:14

Ps 25:14 NLT
Friendship with the LORD is reserved for those who fear him. With them he shares the secrets of his covenant.

Love really means, You are our greatest pleasure. And it was Sunkist…. Kiss the Son.


Then I saw the peach, which is joy. Those that have got joy are really sweet. They are sweet peaches. Joy brings a sense of well being. I’ve got the joy of the Lord. Jesus loves me and I don’t have any doubt. I am pleasing Him in all my ways. For the Lord rejoices over me and that’s my strength. When you’ve got the joy its because you know Jesus loves you. Don’t ever lose that.


Apple represented is health. Someone told me that there is a new study out that those who eat an apple before every meal will lose weight. But we are the apple in the Lord’s eye. Peace means freedom from disturbing thoughts or emotions. Freedom. Dream warriors. Freedom. Having your emotions and your thoughts under your control, instead of under their control. That’s peace.


The 4th one is patience. I don’t think that I have totally got all this down yet. I’m trying. Patience is the pear tree. Long life, bearing fruit even to 150 years. How are you going to bear fruit for 150 years? Through your children, and your children’s children. Whatever you break through, they won’t have to. Whatever you bring under control in your life is what your children’s children’s children will be doing a 150 years from now. That’s long life.

Patience really means enduring life without complaining. I have always believed it was the sweeky wheel that got oiled. I have really got a lot of work to do on that one. Enduring life, that’s patience. I’m not complaining and getting serpents raising up against me. I don’t want to put that in my children, children’s children. If you are like that, so are your children going to be. Boy this is a biggee.


It was the tomato. It was big like a heart. All kind of seeds in it. Big hearted. Kindness means very generous. More than just money, it means time. Very generous in all the ways.


The 6th one is GOODNESS. It’s the strawberry. Goodness means excellent virtue. Healing virtue comes out and heals. Small in your own eyes, but very sweet. Very humble. The hyssop is known as the humble plant in scripture. The strawberry is as small as the hyssop. The body of Christ needs to get a hold of it when goodness is working in them, its what heals. When the Lord healed, virtue came out of Him. If you’ve got goodness in you, virtue can come out of you. For you represent Him down here. You’re His representative. Excellent and virtue. It begins to have its work in you, there’s no telling what you can do when you let that goodness come out and touch others. For it can sure heal.


It was the grape. Faithfulness just means loyal. Loyalty. Saying no to your options. I bore fruit by saying no to all the enemy’s suggestions. All the options he’s given me to fail on. You bear fruit by abiding in the Vine. By just abiding, the Vine will bear the fruit on you. Being loyal. Every time I said no in those 2 months, Viola and I were producing a grape out of the promise of God. Be loyal to Him and He will be loyal to you.


The 8th one was gentleness, the banana. It simply means being gentle. Being gentle with everybody around you, no matter what kind of an emotion they are in. The banana is yellow. One of the throne colors, real close to the Lord. It’s the banana, it is soft hearted and very sweet. It’s go a substance in it called Potassium which really strengthens your heart. When you are gentle, God will really strengthen your heart for people. He will give you a strong heart to finish the race.


This was the grapefruit. It is again the grape, being loyalty and bearing fruit. It was big, both sweet and sour. Sweet staying focused on the Lord and sour, putting to death the old man every day. And self control means having control over one’s emotions. It’s when you are in charge and staying focused on Him. Having control over your own emotions.

This is the only thing you can give Him. But when you can, this character in your nature, you are in the Vine. You become John 15:15. The divine nature has worked in you and you have become the friend. You are not longer a slave, you are a friend. For you and the Vine are connected. And this friend, He tells everything to. I learned a long time ago that my relationship with the Lord is not based on my performance. It’s based on my abiding, my relationship with Him. My partaking of His divine nature, which are these 9 fruits. All of us have a little room to grow in this. But we should strive for it. For when we bear this, we can come into His Presence any time we want to and bring Him our gifts. And He will give those to whoever has a need.

So when the thoughts come and you say no to them. You say, I am bearing fruit, I am abiding. I may not be doing the works that many want to do, but I am taking on the divine nature of Christ. And I am becoming a friend.



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