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HEARD:  Fellowship.  You had to learn when to say no.  You had to find your boundaries. 


CONFIRMATION:  Someone who is not on my list wrote me the following sentence this morning.  It was strongly quickened to me as related to what I heard the Lord say today:


“I feel personally it is an attempt of enemy to break peace and get into my home. I’m putting foot down in spirit and it will not be ok with me for that to come in….”


CONFIRMATION:  The following post came out tonight.  It was very appropriate for what I was going through and also the above person. 



From the rhema journals of Sandy Warner * *



HEARD:  Allowances were made.  Took  it to prayer.  Unstable. 


HEARD:  Opportunities are not requirements.  We are sad but we honor your decision.  There you have it.  Close a door.  Find My will and then stick to it.  Say no to the devil and all else. 



There are many doors of opportunities in life.  Some of them you are drawn to, some of them are drawn to you, and some of them are simply there.  Beloved ones, do not presume that a door of opportunity is My will or is not My will based upon any kind of influence.  If you are faced with decision, always take it to prayer, find My will and then stick to it.  Resist all other influence and learn to close doors with freedom in the same way you would open doors. 


I allow doors of opportunity to come your way when I think that it will be a chance for you to grow.  However all opportunities come with new challenges that require change, sacrifice and stretching.   That is why many doors are only opportunities to weigh within your own willingness of heart when taking the matter to prayer.  These opportunities are not intended for you to presume it is My will for your life.   


Gal 5:13-14  NKJV

For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an OPPORTUNITY for the flesh, but through love serve one another.




What is safe and what is not?

Is it God or demonic plot?

Look in the distance, look right here.

Balance the measure, far and near.


There’s times to stretch and times to settle.

A time for faith and not to meddle.

As you span the distance and look to Me

I will give you grace for what’s to be.


Boundaries keep you safe, they also constrict.

The flesh and the Spirit, always conflict.

Discern the voice that is calling you.

What does it nurture, is it true?


Start at your foundation, level and set.

Anchored to My Word, and take no bets.

Now draw a line from here to there.

Is it off course, challenging to dare?


Boundaries come in all kinds of boxes.

Measures set to keep out the foxes.

Relationships and business, education and faith,

Each have a flavor, each have a taste.


Nurturing fathers, provoke not to wrath.

Yield control and anger and take a bath.

Others be mentored to flame your passion.

Humble yourselves and give devotion.


Don’t let another steal your vision.

Don’t let words cause division.

Stick to your guns, but always love.

Your boundaries will be kept from above.


Don’t stretch out if you are not equipped.

Faith without works can get you ripped.

Be content and wait for Me. 

I walk ahead to make a place for thee.


Psalm 16:5, 6  NKJV

LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup;   you have made my lot secure.  The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;  surely I have a delightful inheritance.



CONFIRMATION:  The above post came out today and someone sent me the following article by Graham Cooke.  It was very good.


LEARNING TO SAY NO - By Graham Cooke-


August 6, 2009


The most difficult part of resting in the Lord is learning to say one simple two-letter word: “No.” I have had to learn how to say no. For every ministry invitation I accept, I turn down ten or eleven. I have to say no, because I know what I am called to be and do. If an event doesn’t fit with God’s vision for my life—no matter how attractive the event is—I have to turn it down. God has told me to work in a number of specific countries right now: if I receive an invitation from a different nation, I have to say no. I just can’t go. I know God’s parameters for me.


Rushing and productivity have no connection. The issue for us is what we lose when we rush, not what we gain. I could go on a mad dash and spend 350 days a year on the road ministering, but it isn’t right. Hurrying exhausts us, decreases our efficiency, and produces a lack of quality in what we do.


By saying no, I have had the opportunity to rest and reflect on what God wants to do next. Revival—contrary to our belief that it is an event that happens where people get saved—is actually about having an extended peace so the work of the Gospel can go on unhindered. When we bring peace to our churches and neighborhoods, the work of the enemy decreases.


A few years ago, the Lord told me that I should spend a year only doing three kinds of events. These events were ones I had plenty of material for; I didn’t need to study for them. Instead, the Lord had me spend that year meditating, studying, and writing about what He wanted to do next. When invitations came in that didn’t fit the three types of events He wanted me to do, I turned them down. My job that year was to study who God is and who He wants to be for me. Rushing or saying yes to things would have robbed me of that revelation. My relationship with Him was upgraded wonderfully that year—so much so I wish I could have that every year!


Saying no is just one way to increase rest. How many of us take time for ourselves? Silence and stillness must be practiced—we all need times of solitary confinement with God to practice our peace....  Article continued: 







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