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[I heard the following before I was launched into internet ministry.]

HEARD: You pray you will be accepted? Don’t you see? Ponder. They will like to read this. It’s easy, they will be uplifted and encouraged. What goes on the table. There’s a problem, it wont fit. Smorgasbord. Stuffed. Number after number, highlighted and meaningful. Still reading. Page after page. Beautiful music in the kitchen. Altogether lovely.

VISION: I saw the flash of an angel stream past me.

HEARD: They are just as excited as you are. Everybody, the whole host. Truck loads. Every angel loaded.

HEARD: Fishing the Web. Website. Supernatural. Arouse.

VISION: I saw a mouse clicking through a web browser for directions.

VISION: I saw someone who clicked to the right place to find my website. When they got there, it became a baseball diamond.

HEARD: Be assured. Net.

VISION: I saw a giant fish scooping net.


I have a harvest to bring in. I AM going to use website ministries as fishing nets to draw many fish through the lure of supernatural love. The world is being challenged to know a God Who loves, Who knows them and Who has all the power to heal and deliver with accompanying signs and wonders. They will be so hungry and thirsty that they will spend hours searching in the quietness of their own homes. They think that no one is watching, that no one sees them dabble with curiosity. They will take the supernatural bait, but once they know they are loved, they will be Mine, through Jesus Christ My Son.

"And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after Me, and I will make you to become fishers of men." (Mark 1:17 KJV)


NOTE from Sandy: As I was re-reading the following quote, and also thinking about the "Internet" - Rick’s words "interrelationships, intercommunication and interpersonal" were quickened to me. The Internet is also His "inner" net where He has been weaving many people together to form a gigantic fish net for His coming harvest.


The Harvest

THE GREAT FISH NET: "For the coming harvest, the Lord is preparing a great spiritual fishnet which will be able to hold the catch that is coming. This net is formed by the linking together of His people. The strength of this net will be determined by the interrelationships and intercommunication of His people. The stronger the intercommunication and interpersonal relationships, the stronger this net will be. This is not only happening in the local churches among members but between ministries, congregations and the different streams in the Body of Christ throughout cities, states, and crossing international barriers around the world... With each new joint there will be substantial growth and edification for those who are joined… The Spirit is compelling pastors to get together with other pastors, prophets with prophets, apostles with apostles, and even whole congregations apart from their own circles of emphasis. ¼ there will be links made..."

[WARNING]: "Some who were greatly used of God in the past have become too rigid in doctrinal emphasis or are too entangled with spiritual "Ishmaels" to participate in this revival. Some of these will try to join the work, but their interrelationships will be so superficial that they will quickly be torn from the net by the first catch. Those who are linked together by doctrine or who gather around personalities will quickly be torn away. Only those who are joined by and through Jesus alone will stand the pressure this harvest will bring upon the church. The redemption of so many will bring much joy to the church but the new converts will come with problems which will bring enormous stress to congregations and ministers. THE CORDS OF UNITY MUST BE VERY STRONG TO WITHSTAND THIS PRESSURE. THOSE WHO HAVE NOT LEARNED TO TAKE THE LORD’S YOKE, INSTEAD OF CARRYING THE BURDENS THEMSELVES WILL BE OVERWHELMED. ENTERING THE SABBATH REST OF THE LORD WILL BECOME A MAJOR EMPHASIS IN PREPARATION FOR THE HARVEST. WE MUST HEED THIS WORD!"

[end Rick Joyner quote. Caps were mine.]


UPDATE CONFIRMATION: I was listening to Heidi Baker’s recent tape from Albany. She said the Lord was handing out fish nets. She said it is a lot easier to fish with nets than with one pole for one fish at a time. She was talking about reaching masses, one person at a time.



(Sandy’s Summary from a tape)

In a vision, God took Bob fishing and showed him three fish which represented three coming revivals

1) God told Bob "throw in your line" and he caught a large fish. God is about to begin a new youth movement along the coast, much like the Jesus Movement in the 70's . The timing would begin when the "teenagers are dressed in skimpy clothes."

This will touch mainly "mom and pop" churches that are willing to take in the youth. The ministries God will be blessing this year will be those focusing on the youth. This revival will fill the mom and pop churches. We must not be critical of this generation.

2) God told Bob to throw out his line again. He caught another fish that was 10 times the size of the first one. This is the second revival. The denominational churches will be hungry for this as they will have seen the mom and pop churches being filled the first time. This revival will fill the denominational churches.

3) God told Bob to throw in his line again and this time there was an incredibly big fish. This revival will see 1 billion people saved. God told Bob to offer this fish to the denominational churches. When he did so, they said, "We will take the prime cuts, the doctors, the lawyers, etc". God said, "No, you either have to take the whole thing or none at all." They chose none. When this happened the people who had been saved in the first revival stepped forward and said, "We will take the whole fish". Those who are to be saved in the youth movement will be leaders of the third great revival.



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