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Hi Loved Ones,

On 3/2/99 I sent the post "For Such a Time as This," a Word about the Esther anointing to the praying church. (That Word is enclosed at the bottom of this post.) I received an enormous amount of responses that the Lord confirmed His Word. As always, there are many applications to His Words and they apply on an individual level as well as on a corporate level. The corporate message is so vital that I feel I need to share a little of what went on behind the scenes, to give a greater impact to what He is speaking to His church at this vital hour.

Thursday prior to sending the Esther Word, inside the room of a small prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit came upon me as we were praying and anointing some leaders in our church. His Presence was very strong and I shook (which is not what I am accustomed to doing.) As this occurred I prophesied over one of the leaders (whose name is David) that he had been anointed in secret and had been hiding in a cave with his mighty men and it was time to come forth. Our little group of intercessors called forth the door of the cave to open. When I laid hands on another leader, I prophesied that she had the anointing of Esther to intercede, and she too had been anointed and prepared in secret. I found myself saying, "Read the book of Esther."

The Esther Word began to burn in my heart, and I wrote it 3/1/99, the night before posting 3/2/99. After posting it, I had several simultaneous confirmations. The first being that Elijah list posted a Word from Diane Bristol, called "A Call to the Cave Dwellers." The following are small quotes from her excellent and perfectly timed Word: "…The call of the Spirit is to those who are Cave Dwellers. You were called to the cave and now I am calling you out….Hear the call of Christ to His mighty men. It is the same sound, the same call that went out to David and his mighty men. Just as David's army was trained in the cave, so has the Spirit of the Lord trained you. Come out of the cave, come out of the trenches, it is time to advance and declare war with the boldness of Christ, you mighty men….You are on the winning side, so come out, come out and be bold, and see what I will do. Hear the sound of the quaking earth? Hear the sound of UNITY marching? See the great weapons of my great army. The great weapon of humility waved as a banner high. The earth is the Lord's and all its fullness. Come out. Be bold, and see what I will do…." Diane Bristol:

The next thing that occurred is that I received several e-mails telling me that I posted the Esther Word on the day of the feast of Purim. I had NO IDEA - this was supernatural timing. The following is a quote from David Silver, Out of Zion Ministries at Mt Carmel, Israel. David said that my e-mail came just as he was sending his message to his prayer partners. "…In just a few hours Jews around the world, but especially in Israel begin to celebrate the Feast of Purim (the book of ESTHER) May I recommend you take the half hour or less that it takes to read the whole book of Esther, to help you identify with the rest of this update…"

"…The story of Purim, is a story of the national, albeit physical salvation of Israel, from the wicked plot of Haman, (a type of anti-Christ) to wipe out the Jewish people….In verse 16 Esther, sensing the call of God on her life, yet at the same time fully aware of the risk & possible cost, responded "I will go to the king, which is against the law, and if I perish, I perish!" How many Esthers (men & women) does the Lord have in His Body today, who can truly say to the Jewish people today & in the days head "I will go before the king for you, and if I perish, I perish?…" David Silver:

Finally I received an e-mail from Kathy Walters who spoke to Bob Jones, the same night I was writing the Esther post "For Such a Time as This." [After reading this post, the following is reprinted with Kathie’s and Bob’s permission.] Quote from her e-mail:

"Mar 2nd 99. I talked to Bob Jones last night and he related this vision to me. He said that he was sitting with some other folk at a table eating. The Lord came to the table and Bob thought 'Oh good, He has come to eat with us', but Jesus said, 'I have not come to eat with you now, I have come to ask you to pray with me, I am raising up the school of intercession.' Bob said this is the time when the Lord is anointing Intercessors and inviting them to pray with Him, out of a spirit of revelation. The Basilisk spirit which is a destroyer and is taking aim at the south east part of the U.S and also pray for Israel. This same spirit always tries to bring destruction to Israel from 1st July to 22nd July. Very important to pray for Israel, now and during those week." Kathie Walters:

If you have gotten this far in reading this post, I am hoping you are seeing the corporate significance. For those who are educated about the Basilisk spirit, they are at the least wondering how they can possibly make a difference. For those who are not, but are at least familiar with the National Prophetic Conference that took place in Colorado Springs the last week in January 99, they understand the historical precedence of this hour in world wide history. Ultimately what the enemy wants is to prematurely kill the last day harvest, and bring the last day war. Normally this would not be a threat, but there has occurred a terrible breach in America’s protection and thus Israel’s covering and elsewhere around the world.

Just as queen Esther prepared the banquet, we are wanting to eat/celebrate with the Lord. But the Lord is saying PRAY FIRST. I believe the timing of all of this with the feast of Purim is God’s merciful promise that a celebration feast is coming, but we must PRAY FIRST and win a war against a Judas attempt to betray and ultimately destroy. This war will not be without cost. It is for the brave at heart who are willing to lay down their lives.

God is calling David’s humble, hidden and mighty men. God is calling the Esthers around the world who are willing to say, "If I perish, I perish." The call is to corporate prayer. This is the hour in which the Lord is joining people and ministries into a united force to take a corporate stand against the plans of the enemy. It is a war not to be won by the lone ranger, rather to be won as we stand together UNITED. The Lord spoke to me the Word, "Synergy" having to do with this season of joining. I was not familiar with the word so I looked it up in the dictionary. It means that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In other words, when something is joined together it has a greater force, impact or energy than the same components separately. This is the hour where He is calling those who will heed the call to stand in intercession against a force much greater than ourselves. United we stand, divided we fall. Unfortunately the breach has already divided us. Now we must unite against it and close the gap.




The Esther Anointing - A Word for the Praying Church


Behind closed doors I prepared you. I carefully allotted you hidden assignments, ones that would build courage and valor. — Assignments that built faith against the odds. I raised you to be gracious in your manner and I gave you My greatest favor. Even so, who would have guessed that in your veins flows the blood of royalty? Who would have guessed I would have chosen you for such an hour? For behind closed doors you were anointed. Behind closed doors you were prepared. In secret I raised an intercessor, a deliverer. The measure of your authority, your vote, has been kept secret even from you.

The enemy has secretly plotted to kill and destroy and annihilate. I have exposed the plans just in time that you may take your rightful place. Rise to the occasion queen daughter. For I have given you the anointing of Queen Esther. Come forth My beloved and speak to the King. I have given you the power and the authority to intercede on behalf of the many who can not speak for themselves. I have strategically placed you in My kingdom for such a time as this. Have courage, speak forth the Words of the Lord. Be strong, be valiant and fight for those who can not fight. Be My deliverer and put a stop to this enemy plan.

I stretch out My scepter to you. Step forward into your place. What is your request? I will give it to you. Speak and hold nothing back. What is your petition My queen?

"At last Queen Esther replied, "If I have won your favor, O king, and if it please Your Majesty, save my life and the lives of my people. For I and my people have been sold to those who will destroy us. We are doomed to destruction and slaughter..." (Esther 7:3-4 TLB)



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