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This week Wayne & I had an interesting occurrence that we would like to pass on to you. On Thursday we were at the late night Taco Bell after home group. (Thank You Lord for driveup windows and no late night dishes in the sink.) While were waiting I noticed the trees near our car were doing some really strange things. They were whipping around in circles, twisting and turning. I looked out across the street and those trees were blowing normally. Immediately the Holy Spirit downloaded my memory with the following Word given through Bobby Connerís Shepherds Rod for 1999:



This year the heavens will declare that this will be an unprecedented time of Light. The true prophetic will be given power and authority over the elements. It is time for the Church to begin to control the weather. One example would be found in Joshua 10:12-13: "Joshua said to the Lord in the presence of Israel: "O sun, stand still over Gibeon, O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon." So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies," (NAS)

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As I remembered this, I remembered someone (I think it was Bob Jones) said that the enemy would try to take advantage of the natural elements and we needed to learn to take a stand against such. It suddenly dawned upon my mind that this freak wind was a little demonic spirit that was having some fun and also causing me to feel uncomfortable about flying debris. Now I am not one to think there is a demon behind every bush! But this was one of those Holy Spirit moments that you just KNOW. So in my mind, I bound the enemy in Jesus Name and said, "Wind be at peace!" I looked at the trees and they were still having a whipping contest. A second time I did this, only with more "umph" behind the "be at peace!!" Immediately the wind stopped and the trees were quiet. No one was more astonished than me! I never said anything to Wayne, we left and I pondered it on the way home. "Lord did You witness that? Oh Lord, what do You think about that? Lord did that REALLY happen?" Us humans need convincing sometimes.

The next day was Friday, and we had a very strong storm come through. The raining down pours gushed throughout the day. But the winds were very bad. As I watched out my front window I became concerned about the telephone wires and the line of trees across the street. They were violently twisting! Unbeknownst to me, Wayne was feeling the same thing about the wind in the back of the house. That afternoon we both took authority over the wind without the other knowing it. It was a Holy Spirit conviction on both our parts. I still had not told him of the night before. (Oh me of little faith.) The trees on my side of the house stilled to just a normal breeze and Wayneís whipping tree totally stopped.

Later we went on an errand and the winds were quite gusty with the streets littered in branches. As a result, our conversation unfolded and we shared. I shared with Wayne about the above Words the Lord had reminded me of, so together we prayed in the car. We bound any evil spirits behind the twisting winds and prayed a hedge of protection over all our loved ones in the area. The next day (today) at church one of our dear ladies announced that a large tree fell upon her house during that storm. The top half of the tree broke off and fell onto their roof. The heavy part landed against the house, instead of on the roof. She said if the whole tree had fallen onto the house, it would have fallen through the roof and right onto their bedroom which is where her husband was resting. As it turned out it only caused some damage to their gutters and shingles. Coincidence? I donít think so.

I see two important themes in this story.

1) The Lord has given us authority over the elements and the powers behind such.

2) We desperately need one anotherís prayers. Our prayer over the protection of our loved ones was a simple thing to do. Even the prayer of authority binding the enemy was simple. What would have occurred if we hadnít seized the moment and followed through?



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