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RHEMA 1/17/98 Dont' Back Up (Chicken out!)


Today Anna heard the following that really ministered to me in regards to being on the ministry team for the upcoming conference.


ANNA HEARD: When typically new leaders back up from ministry, I can't do a thing with them. You always have: “What I need when I need it - when I get there.”


SANDY PARABLE: In the 80's the Lord gave me a teaching parable where I was the next car behind a car at the light in front of us. The car in front of me put his foot to the gas, started to go, and then slammed on his brakes in hesitation. If I had looked away, I would have slammed right into the back of him. I stopped in time, but the Lord strongly talked to me through the experience. He told me that when one is called into leadership, he has people and angels in line following behind him. Angels back the decisions, prayers, deeds, etc and set things into motion. They are sent with assignment after a decision and or commitment is made to move ahead. When a leader changes his mind in hesitation, wavering, halting between 2 opinions, etc, then it puts everything behind him into a tail spin. Nothing is accomplished until the leader is set and stable in his faith about whatever the situation is about.



When I send you, I have a job for you to do. When you accept these assignments, things are set in motion to bring you the Words and preparations that you need. However, this is much greater than you. The lives that you touch must also be prepared, for I puzzle all things together. I send My angels to weave preparations for these special times of ministry.


If you waver in your faith and back up, this brings everything to a halt, not just in the natural but in the supernatural. Therefore, remember, that when I send you, there is much riding on your commitments. Do not waver in your faith and hold back in the Spirit. Rather, go forth with boldness, knowing that whom I send I also back with signs following.


“And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.” (Mark 16:20 KJV)






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