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RHEMA 7/12/97:   Deliverance in "Layers"



During a conference, I was going down the hallway to the bathroom and saw a group of people ministering to someone who was loudly sobbing on the floor. I knew that this person was experiencing a demonic manifestation and was running from the Presence of the Lord.


Knowing that she knew me, I kneeled down with her and interrupted her crying, and said, “Do you trust me?” She nodded yes. I said, “You need to pick yourself up and go back into that room and be in the Presence of God.” A demon responded back through her voice, although I had no idea what was said. I spoke to her and not the demon and said that if she could not get up by herself, we would help her and take her in there because we loved her very much and she needed to be in the Presence of the Lord and not be hiding from it. The demon did not like that in the least. When we helped her to the door of the threshold of the sanctuary, she stopped right at the line, and would not step over. It took some coaxing, but we managed to take her to the very back corner of the large room. There was loud worship music going on, and hands on ministry taking place all over. The Presence of the Lord was strong and it was the perfect atmosphere for her to receive His work.


Myself and 2 other people sat with her, praying in tongues. She eventually went berserk and fell to the floor. She sobbed, heaved, screamed, and squirmed, and we prayed in tongues all the more diligently. She went through waves of this between quiet times.


I heard the Lord say, “Deep cleansing.” Then I watched it happen again as in waves, of sobbing, screaming, then release with quiet following. Then I heard the Lord say, “Layers.” As she was sobbing I leaned over and told her these things, and what was happening to her was a good thing and that the Lord was doing His cleansing work of many layers of past years in her life.


I learned quite a lot about the deliverance process as this was a supernatural experience totally orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, as all we were doing was praying in tongues while laying hands on her. I felt a strong oneness with the Holy Spirit's work while it was occurring. Each time just prior to her breaking her quiet I would begin to feel a pressure build in my Spirit. I would lean down and start praying very strongly and loudly in tongues as the Holy Spirit gave me unction.. Then as the demon left, I would feel that pressure instantly go away within my own Spirit. OH THE PEACE AND RELIEF OF IT! This happened many times. The peace after each layer was quite something.


Even though my flesh was fighting the whole process and I wanted it “DONE” I loved her enough and recognized the Holy Spirit enough to stay with it. This process of de-layering deliverance went on for a long time and I began to get weary as it was late and I was really tired and it was also hard to sit on the floor all that time. I silently asked the Lord with each layer, “Please let this be the last one!” yet I had so much compassion for her. Finally I decided on my own (!) this was the last layer as she had calmed down for a time. I heard the Lord say in response to my independent thought, “Trust Me.” No sooner did I hear that, then she began again. This one ended up the last for that night. When the layer left, I knew it was Abandonment.


It was interesting that the first coherent thing she said after it was all done related to abandonment. She said, “Thank you for staying with me and not leaving me! I was afraid you would leave before it was finished.” Boy am I glad the Lord interrupted my independence and kept me there to complete His work. It was a good lesson.





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