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The Days of Acceleration




HEARD: The concept of Robinhood's barn.


What about the inheritance? Intense heat. Breathing in intenseness. Split decision. Which way do we go? Slow motion. You have to get used to the momentum.


VISION: I saw the wheels of a train just starting to get moving into the momentum of acceleration.


HEARD: Track. Looking back arrests progress. If you look back into the mirror. Just wait. What's your sorrow? Breakthrough.



If you look backwards towards the tracks, it arrests your progress. You cannot go backward and forward; you must choose. For even now, the wheels of My glory train are gaining momentum and beginning to move. You are no longer circling, dear one, rather I have planned for you new things that you know not. You no longer have to wait, precious, the delay is OVER. Why the sorrow? Breakthrough is coming, you have yet to understand this. Revelation will come. Until then, go forth with the past forever behind you.


“And David came to Baal-perazim, and he smote them there, and said, The Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like the bursting out of great waters. So he called the name of that place Baal-perazim [Lord of breaking through].” (2 Sam 5:20 AMP)



From Jim Goll, released 2/2/03 on Elijah list.



At the end of 12 Hours of worship and prayer at The Call KC, those of us on remaining of the platform sensed the “pleasure of the Lord” was resting upon us. My eyes were then opened in the spirit realm as we went from the last moments of 2002 into the New Year of 2003. Suddenly, I saw a large warrior angel with a drawn sword standing at the back of the platform. This warrior angel was sent to guard what was being birthed at that hour so that the enemy could not snatch it away (Rev. 12:4. I knew that this was a commander angel with many other warring angels under its guardianship. This angel had been sent by the Lord to beckon the church into “worship warfare.”


After being startled by the authority of this angel, I turned and in the “seer dimension” I saw large words hanging in the air in the auditorium in amber glowing letters. The letters spelled out ACCELERATION. I then knew that we had crossed a threshold in time and that we were entering into the “Days of Acceleration.”


An Exhortation - Moving with the Momentum of God

To move forward with the momentum of the Lord into the “Days of Acceleration,” the church will have to move away from the “Soulish Realm” of being Purpose Driven and Project Possessed, into flung forward into the “Spirit Realm” where we are Presence Motivated by the Person of Jesus. Our plans and pursuits will be propelled forward, though, as we cooperate with the Esther anointing as mentioned above.


This will release the Holy Spirit's fresh oil upon our works. Thus we will find another convergence occurring, as admonished in the book of James, where authentic faith unleashes corresponding works (James 2:18. ACCELERATION will happen as word and deed; character and giftedness; heaven and earth, mirror one another.


Things will speed up as “the keys of David” (Is. 22:22 & Rev. 3:7) will be used to open doors that have been closed and to bring closure to things of the past. God's presence will release favor upon chosen vessels that have passed through the fires of affliction. The breath of God will blow upon worshipping warriors and the purposes of God will accelerate at a rapid speed. Let us have faith in God and move forward in these Days of Acceleration.





It has been quite an adventure trying to find a good software box/ home for the upcoming school on How God Speaks. In my whirlwind travels around the internet world and back home again I have found that most free open source software has so many bugs in it, and there are so many expressing opinions and help, that it is quite a maze to get through.


However on the other end is downloading free trial versions of expensive packaged software that has less bugs, but one either has to live with them, or work with the software writers to help solve. Although I enjoy doing that, it is really a long hard stretch when trying to move to a certain spot. Sometimes it feels like the weight of pulling the whole internet with you just to accomplish a goal.


I can see how the internet world has been like this circling ball of millions of players, going in one direction and somehow knowledge and the ability to communicate continues to bust through at incredible zeal and pace. I truly believe that the Lord has given us this gift for end times spreading of His Word. On the other side of course is the antichrist spirit wanting to do the same. We need to use every available resource to communicate His Word while the door is opened to us.


Dan 12:3-4 NLT

Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who turn many to righteousness will shine like stars forever. But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end. Many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase.


1 Cor 16:9

For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.








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