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Dream - God Weeps When He Spanks  - Posted 2/10/99 from Sandy Warner

My husband Wayne was given the following prophetic dream about David in the Old Testament. While pondering the dream, I realized that God was not speaking about the lost who will come in during the great harvest ó He is speaking to David ó the king, the leader, the prophet, the intercessor, the worship leader, the anointed one, the warrior! God is weeping over His chosen ones who are entangled in carnal entertainment.

DREAM: I was in a palace that looked like a palace in Napoleonís day. There was a great sadness throughout the whole palace. I am standing before some kind of a booth and there was an angel who was working a video game controller really fast. Many other angels were standing around him and they all had on long white robes. When the angel was done, he handed it to the angel who was in control of that station. That angel said, "You have 200. David at his very best only got 15." They were speaking of David of the Old Testament. The angel started to hand me the controller and said, "No, I just canít do that, it belongs to David." He had been Davidís teacher and he walked off crying for David.

Another angel came by and said, "Jesse is coming home." At that moment I knew in my spirit that David had been wounded in battle by a sword. I walked out on the portico and I could see a big long fountain in the courtyard. The whole palace belonged to David and it was filled with many angels, all dressed in long white robes. All these angels were dedicated to Davidís service. I could see that God had done all this for David while he was a young man, and now he had left the palace and gone out into the world. The angels had been waiting for David a long time, and had nothing to do but wander around the palace. They were all extremely grieved and at the point of tears.

As I looked down the long courtyard, I saw a jeep driving into the palace grounds. Two children angels were with the jeep. One was driving and the other was laying on top of the hood. David was in the passenger side. As I watched David coming down the driveway to the palace, I knew David had been living with the Romans and partaking of the debauchery of their world.

The jeep stopped where all the angels were standing. David got out and climbed on top of the short wall surrounding the fountain. Dressed in a foolís outfit like the court jester, he began to talk about all the wine and the women and the song and joys of living in the debauchery. I could see a wistfulness in his demeanor and eyes ó that he still wanted to live that life. When he finished talking about his longings of the world, he said, "A sword has brought me home."

I looked at his body and he wasnít wounded in a physical sense. David, with great submission and even compassion, said, "The sword of the Spirit." At that moment, all the angels in the courtyard raised their hands in unison to the Lord in heaven and began worshipping God. I did the same thing and could not see anything because I was sobbing so much.

[end of dream]

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14 NKJ)







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