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HEARD: How to count backwards.  Windows. Sky. Tree. Earth. Valiant watch. Keep a watch out for what is coming. 


Being there does make a difference.  Transport.  I have given you authority.  Declare.  Decree over the area.  Come lets fly on wings.  Ground, not for long says the Lord. 


CONFIRMATION 5/07/14:  I just listened to Chuck’s “windows prophesy” where he was at Paul Keith’s meeting.  Wayne said they had tornado sirens going on in the background of his message that night.  I said, “I wondered if it scared him to be there!”  And then I did a search to find the word “window” in May rhema and when it landed above, my eye stopped on the word phrase, BEING THERE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  This was like less than one second difference between my saying that to Wayne and the search landing on that word window and my seeing it.




Yah, you can feel the atmosphere is all stirred up.  I was just re-reading a Word that came forth Sunday, how the Lord was going to send us a scrubbing and soaking.  And I had to come all the way here to get it!  Tony come here, I saw something. And when I prophesy to him, I want you all to grab ahold of it.  Because it was here for us. 


All of a sudden there was this window appeared above you.  The Lord says, “Son this is going to be a season where you are not only going to hear sounds, but you are going to see sounds.  For the Lord says you’ve got songs in your heart, but now you are going to start seeing the sound develop.  And from the sounds, you are going to see how to sing forth the picture that is there, and the vision of My people will begin to come alive.  So I say to you, I loose that seer anointing upon you.  And I say from this moment you will begin to see in through WINDOWS that have been dirty, you will see through windows that have been closed and you will see through windows into a realm you have never seen before.  And you will sing forth what you see.  And My people will gain vision in accelerated ways says the Lord.  Now Lord I loose this over everyone.”



Look out earth, here we come!  Heaven is invading earth!  Keep watching out your watchman’s windows, for you are in a countdown.  Marked on my calendar, it’s My kingdom on earth, even as it is already established in heaven.  It’s My Word manifesting on earth even as it is already fully manifest in heaven.  It’s My promises on earth, even as My own walk in it in heaven. 


Beloveds, mount up in faith and decree your destinies.  Use the power of My Word and your faith to bring My kingdom to earth.  Use your wings, and authority.  I will even transport you into regions to declare My Word. 


Luke 18:7-8 And shall not God avenge his own elect, who cry day and night unto him, though he bears long with them? 8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man comes, shall he find faith on the earth?




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