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HEARD: Melted the ice.


COMMENT: I think of tears when I think of ice melting. The are many whose hearts have grown numb and they are no longer able to weep tears, get in touch with their emotions or feel much of anything. This is due to suffering childhood isolation of rejections or abandonment and lack of bonding. It can also be related to suffering deep disappointment from wounded expectations. The Lord is going to heal these wounds and help people to shed tears, become vulnerable and tenderhearted once again.


CONFIRMATION ANOINTED HANDS: I turned to the following Word to Ponder



Even as you were planted deep within the soil and endured a cold winter ground, so shall My Son warm your climate and bring you forth in renewed hope once again. There comes a day of breakthrough when a bulb breakthroughs its dark surroundings into the light of day. It may appear but a bud in a cold climate, but that bulb reaches higher and higher until it comes to fruition. Just as the bulbs you have watched this Spring, I see that your head is showing. You may think its cold and bleak, and your nose may feel very cold, but I know that winter is changing and new beginnings arise.


IMPRESSION: When thinking about the ice melting, I thought of the excerpt of the following Word to Ponder I had sent to someone:


“… Search for them. They dwell in the shadows. Many are numb of pain, due to the coldness of isolation. They will not know the true identity of their pain until the thaw begins. Be there, shepherds of Mine heart. Be there to warm them and comfort them through the thaw. Never let the breath of condemnation touch their shell. Embrace them. Give them My welcome covering and the warmth of My fire…”


CONFIRMATION: I wondered if that was what the Lord meant by telling me the ice was melting. After that I received a second confirmation today about the ice. Someone sent me a dream where the football field had been frozen over and was melting. I knew this was a body Word because of my past dream about the frozen ski slope. I am hoping the Lord is saying the 2nd ski slope may have melted.


PAST DREAM: I saw 2 very large ski slopes that were running parallel to each other. One was deep in snow and the other was glazed over in ice. Suddenly I realized that where I had been standing was not a ski slope after all but a river and it was just now beginning to melt and break its ice free. Just as I realized this, I was swept into its flow. I scooped some children to go with me and we went swimming down the river. As we turned a bend, I looked up and saw the 2nd "slope" and knew it had yet to thaw and it was a second even more powerful river. The second one went into the first one and they joined together.


Sandy Comments: In past rhema, snow, cold or ice has meant a cold environment frozen over by enemy restraints. Two means double portion. Therefore, I see this dream representing an area in the river of God that is melting old restraints and beginning to flow. The waiting double portion is not yet "thawed."


QUICKENED CONFIRMATION: This afternoon I was cleaning the kitchen after receiving all the revelation about the ice melting and I noticed there was a line of water streaking across the counter. As I pondered where it came from, I suddenly remembered that it had come from a small snack container that had a snack, drink and ice. Evidently the ice pack had melted and left a puddle on our kitchen counter.



Like the radiant sun on a cold day, I have been silently shining My face upon you. You have often wondered why I would touch you in such a way. This has been My love language melting your mask. Yes I know your pain, dear one. You may have hidden it from yourself, but you have not hidden it from Me.


I created you for relationship. I planted this need so deep that even you do not understand its depth. The enemy has known this, and has plotted to steal relationship from you. His plot has been to so thwart these blessings that you would feel alone and isolated even among a full house or a crowd.


You have suffered the bitter coldness of thwarted expectations. Trying so hard, longing to be loved for who you are, and proving yourself worthy for the fellowship that you were created to have… Life has not gone the way you hoped or planned.


Yes, I have been mostly silent as I have warmed your layers. Your numbness has even kept Me at bay, even though that has not been your desire. I AM bringing you through this time, dear one, so that you know My heart more because of it. I have wanted loving fellowship just like you. And I want you. Yes, dear one your ice is melting. You are adopted and chosen as My own. You belong to Me.


Rev 3:20 KJV

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.







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