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HEARDSmith Wigglesworth.  She's my gal.  Look at her go!  Put your running shoes on. 


This month, I had written about my best model for overcoming the enemy was Smith Wigglesworth; when he saw satan appear in his room and said, "Oh it's only you" and turned over and went back to sleep. Satan appeared at the foot of my bed many years ago and I can’t say I had the same response.  So Smith's testimony has always been a strong witness to me about faith and being in the rest of the Lord and walking in His favor.  I posted a quote from Smith's devotional this month.  And then last night, I rebuked a spirit of death off a friend's heart attack and stood in a warring mode. 


EXPERIENCE:  Today, as I was using our instant hot water for my tea, I heard the phone ring.  I turned the water off and there was no one on the phone.  I turned it on again and the phone rang again.  I turned it off and there was no phone ringing.  I realized I must be hearing a spiritual phone ring, heaven was calling me.


DIVINE TIMING:  I am typing the next entry of rhema from the recorder and I asked the Lord if the following rhema is about heaven meets earth.  I had no idea it had anything about being phoned in it. Then I realized that I received a phone call from heaven last night from Smith!  “HEARD:  Smith Wigglesworth.  She's my gal.  Look at her go!  Put your running shoes on.” 



HEARD: A pleasing mystery. A brand new message for a brand new time.


PIX: I saw something that was being inserted into place.


IMPRESSION: I had the impression of the concept of how they graft into olive trees. Instead of grafting new branches into the trunk, like they do on fruit trees, on olive trees they graft them into the actual olive tree root that is growing above ground.


HEARD: We will call you. Do not be afraid.



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