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Experience 1/17/06:  We woke up today to discover our street had flooded.  About a week prior to this, when Wayne was out at the mailbox, he suddenly had the thought, “What if that culvert got plugged up and the street flooded?”  We have lived here 30 years and never had that problem.  In hindsight, he realized this was the question being posed to him by the Holy Spirit and the answer to that question was the natural tool and knowledge that that saved our buildings. On a spiritual level, as the lip of the water came right up to the edge of our buildings, we stood at the line of the water and spoke to the edge of the water.  “This far and no further.  You will NOT cross this line and flood our buildings in Jesus Name!”  Help came and it never did. 


A few houses down from us had illegally placed and covered over a 12 inch plastic pipe instead of a 24” metal culvert and this caused the run off rainwater from all the houses in the neighborhood to back up.  Our home was closest to the culvert so it was in the most danger of being flooded.   Wayne knew about this pipe and told the county about it when they came out to clean out the covert.  In desperation when all else had failed and 5 streets were flooded, they got a backhoe and tore the pipe out of the ground. The minute the pipe was ripped out the waters abated from our home, and the rest of the neighborhood was able to drain.  I saw several spiritual applications to the story.


2 or 3 weeks ago I heard the term “bottleneck” in the prayer room and felt there was a spiritual bottleneck keeping things from flowing in our intercessors.  We have had remarkable times of intercession (about 36 of us) and then strong confirming Words that connect with one another while waiting upon Him afterwards in the prayer room.  We have been flowing like this most of 2005.  Well when I heard this, we were not getting many words, none of them were confirming or connecting and the words that were coming I felt were mixture. 


I shared that we needed to break up the bottleneck of whatever was plugging up the flow of His Spirit. I felt that it was unforgiveness, and division planted to destroy unity.  One of our intercessors confirmed during that same meeting that he saw a needle and a shot being put into an arm that said disunity and misunderstanding. 


{Get this: since then, our church went on a 40 day fast.  We did not fast food, but fasted speaking negativity of all sorts.  WOW!)

Two weeks later our gutters on our roof overflowed due to being plugged up.  This caused the ground water to flood outside and then seep up into 2 lower concrete floors that we had in our home and flood our carpet.  This had happened to us about 20 years earlier as well. 


The Lord reminded me that in 96 the rivers in our area flooded.  Immediately after, people along the flood plain started bringing in fill dirt and rearranging boundaries.  The Lord told me back then that this was changing the waterway and things would get backed up, plugged up and moved up next time we had high water.  Thus far with 100 year history things have been pretty determinable.  Not any longer.



INTERPRETATION:  The river, the gutters, the culverts, and our intercessions are all interpreted as being vessels in which to flow His kingdom, His Presence, His power.  We have a responsibility to be accountable and responsible to maintain the boundaries that are given to us, and do it knowing that it affects others who are joined with us as well.  We need to be considerate and legal.  It is not our right to change boundaries that are supposed to be governed by God and when we do, it causes a true mess and bottleneck.   When we change boundaries in order to cover up, it is from the spirit of control, which is the arm of flesh.

Old leaves are dead flesh that need to be cleared away through confession and repentance and forgiveness.

Filling in dirt illegally is a coverup in order to protect ourselves from demonic floods caused by sin.

Leaving the channels open is transparency, walking in the flow of the Spirit, in honest communion.

The guy who put in the illegal pipe did so against argument of the surrounding neighbors, being a lone ranger and not wanting to join the pipes on both ends, because it would have cost him too much to go to code.  He was not flowing in unity with the needs of the neighborhood.   

On a personal note, I see the parable of our 24" pipe (which Wayne put in 30 years ago when he developed our street) and our connecting to others.  Ours is 24", Ricks was 24", Jim's was 20"  and this guys was 12", the one past him is 10".  It is a parable of being unequally yoked and a backup is caused from this.  When it got plugged, our house sits right next to the culvert on the street; it was our house that became immediately surrounded and it backed up from there about 5 blocks, including the local school.  It is a parable of being in a key position to distribute, and a need to join with those who are yoked properly so we can build a channel that flows safely.






I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed to save our home.  It truly was an amazing day of timing and natural and supernatural events with the helping hands of people in prayer, works, and angels all working together to save our home.  The downpour of rains slowed way down and finally halted within minutes after my sending out the prayer request.  The moment they tore the pipe out, the flood waters abated.  It was a miracle they ordered the backhoe and tore out the pipe.  The guy who did this, in order to save over 100 homes, went into the back yard without right of way and tore up the pipe without permission.  It took much communication between people and departments to get the knowledge needed to bring the deliverance. 


I share the following past Word to Ponder as a Word from the Lord that He gave me via anointed hands several times in regards to this issue.  I feel it is a strong Word for others who might in the future be waiting upon Him for supernatural deliverance from unforeseen events from the elements.  Deliverance will come, but will need many aspects of human and angels working together against the elements, protocols, and men’s illegal choices. 




Precious one, how I love your tenacity to cling to Me and how proud I am of your stubbornness to resist enemy plots.  Dearest, I have carefully watched you, and if you had to make the choice you would choose to go down with the ship, if that is what you believed was the right way. 


There are times to stand for supernatural intervention and there are times to submit to natural wisdom.  In all ways, I have asked you to occupy until I come.  Sometimes, because of the timing of your waiting period, it is necessary for you to yield to the voice of wisdom that I have given to men who have gained expertise in their field. 


I know this is not your highest choice or aim, all of heaven knows your strong stand of faith.  But I am asking you to yield to Me in this matter and know that I also work through men.  Trust Me to carry you through this.  Remember it is I Who declares all boundaries.  You have nothing to fear.  Please trust Me to also take care of you in this natural way.


Job 38:8-11 NLT

Who defined the boundaries of the sea as it burst from the womb, and as I clothed it with clouds and thick darkness? For I locked it behind barred gates, limiting its shores.  I said, ‘Thus far and no farther will you come. Here your proud waves must stop!’


John 17:15-16

I’m not asking you to take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one. 




Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandy’s book, “101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.”  Website:    Email:  







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