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When the notice for jury duty came in the mail, I prayed that if I was selected, the Lord would give me His Word so I could share it with you. I continued to pray over the selection and Word up to the very day.

You could hear a pin drop as the attorneys introduced the case to prospective jurors. I sat stunned as they revealed the case was about 8 counts of sexual abuse to a 5 year old little girl. You could feel the emotions and the shock ripple through the room. They carefully interviewed each and every person, excusing many, as these prospective jurors broke down in tears - publicly revealing their own sexual abuse from their past. By the end of the first day, the jury was selected and many, many had revealed their personal associations with sexual abuse and their inability to discern fairly in the case. It was heart rendering to hear and see the statistics, knowing it was but a poll of the world. And to hear the freshness of their pain, as though it was just yesterday; God has a lot of work to do to heal His wounded children of all ages.

The attorneys said there would be no evidence and no specific dates of occurrences, and so all we had to go on was discerning the credibility of the opposing testimonies. That precious 5 year old little girl was going to testify. It was going to be a difficult week for those who were left. As it turned out, my number 12 was selected for the jury out of the waiting room pool of about 300 people. I stayed in chair #12 for the remainder of jury selection and the trial. It was His Sovereign placement.

That little girl held her heavy secret for 3 long years. The night it was disclosed, she was in her bunk bed crying, "Please Lord, forgive me." Her sister heard her tears and wanted to know why she was praying that way. The little girl would only reveal her secret if her sister promised she would not tell. Her sister told her she could not do that, and the little girl decided to tell her anyway. The next day her interview with the doctor was videotaped. The jury watched the video and heard her testify on the stand about her past. To see the visual shame coming from a tiny 5 year on the witness stand was horrendous. She didn't even look like she could be 5. But to hear her heavy sighs as she tried to relieve the burden of her stress in testifying against someone she loved, was indescribable. I saw through a window that every person on earth suffers terrible, terrible shame, whether they are innocent or whether they are guilty. The world is slimed with shame.

All week I prayed, binding the lying spirit and loosing the truth to be known to the jury. I prayed that we would be of one accord in hearing the truth of what really happened, and that our vote would be unanimous according to God's justice. As it turned out, we voted unanimously that he was guilty of all 8 counts. God came to the rescue of His little child and we told her that we believed her.



"Sexual abuse affects all relationships." (male from the jury pool)

"Children waffle under stress." (police statement)

"Mama will be good for jury duty, she can always tell if you did something naughty." (Family Circus cartoon on the message board.)


"Because children speak from the heart." (this was a teacher's answer as to why she should be excused from jury. She knew she would believe the child's testimony.)

"Today is your chance to tell her that you believe her." (the attorney's final statement on behalf of the 5 year old little girl.)



House of God: the little girl's name.

Truth: the older sister who heard her prayer (and refused to keep the secret if told)

Healer: the shocked father who wanted to avenge his daughter.

Anointed one: the abuser. (the spirit of antichrist)




{Words to Ponder are summaries of His quickened Words of prophetic revelation, punched with the word of wisdom and written under inspiration.}


As My children draw near to Me, I AM shining the light on the truth of their abuse, and making the deeds of darkness manifest. Truly, the false antichrist spirit has raped My house, the house of God. I have heard the prayers and pleas of My children world wide. Such shame they have suffered from so much abuse! I am hearing their cases and weighing the truth. These matters are encumbered and not simple to separate. I AM drawing a line of demarcation between the holy and the profane. There shall be a clear division and you shall see the two separate as they collide.

Trust Me dear ones, that I AM hearing the heart of My children. Call upon Me with your child-like heart. Trust Me that I hear your story and will come as your Daddy of Justice. I will place each and every thing on My great balance scale and I will vindicate your cry for truth. I yearn to heal you of your wounds and restore your childlike joy and bounce. I will set you free.

Job 31:6 NLT

Let God judge me on the scales of justice, for he knows my integrity.




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