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The Calling of Mordecai


Est 10:3 NLT

Mordecai the Jew became the prime minister, with authority next to that of King Xerxes himself.


CHARACTERISTICS OF MORDECAI - The one destined to be Prime Minister


• He was faithful to the true heart of God, Who adopts the orphans.

• He had no daughter, and was given a father's heart for the one he adopted.

• He operated in the gifts of counsel and wisdom.

• He knew the secret of who his daughter was and charged her not to reveal her real identity.

• He received the ear and favor of his adopted daughter who was taken from him into her destiny.

• He watched over his charge daily, checking to see if there was any news.

• He worked behind the scenes in his faithfulness to serve.

• He also had a position within the gates of the kingdom; a spiritual doorkeeper.

• When he discovered an evil plot against the king he had the courage to expose it even without reward.

• He was bravely loyal, refusing to put honored men on pedestals, but instead held his worship and reverence to God.

• He was very cognizant of proper protocol and boundaries, but favored God's standard without compromise.

• He was not afraid to consistently make the same stand to resist compromise when before the demands of men.

• Later when his loyalty to the king was discovered, he was honored with the king's mantle, king's horse, and king's crest.

• He was led by the king's prince in a public honor of his deeds.

• When he discovered another plot much worse he chose to cloth himself in the ashes of death to self; mourning over the plight of God's people and daughter.

• He knew how to sacrifice; fasting and praying for his adopted daughter and his people.

• His faith in her position undergirded her and gave her courage to overstep boundaries and protocol even at the risk of death.

• He encouraged her to beg and plead on behalf of her people.

• He agreed with Esther's 3 day plan of intercession and carried it out.

• He suffered enemies, but God reversed the curse and handed him promotion for his faithfulness.

• When the plot reversed he was given the King's signet ring, the authority to make irrevocable decrees.

• In so receiving this power, he commanded and dispatched the decrees over the people.

• He was promoted with authority in government to 2nd in command next to the king.

• He was favored and honored by all his own people, and by the king's court and Esther, his daughter.

• He was dressed with royal apparel of blue and white. (revelation and holiness).

• A great crown of gold (purified through many tests).

• Fine white linen of consecration and purple for kingship (the apostle anointing of delegated authority).

• Fear from outside territory fell upon them in honor of Mordecai.

• He increased in fame.

• He sought the wealth of God's people.

• He spoke peace over God's people.

• There will be a book of his many deeds done in power and might after his promotion. They are recorded and not forgotten.



• To listen to the voice of wisdom and counsel. (Est 2:10; 2:15; 2:20)

• To resist greed and remain simple in her focus to please the King. (Est 2:15)

• To submit to the voice of authority and humble herself before such. (Est 2:15; 2:20)

• To have faith in the favor extended her, to the point she would be willing to risk rejection and death. (Est 4;8)

• To be a divine deliverer through the intercession of requests, begging and favor extended her. (Est 4:8; 5:7)

• Speak only when summoned by her King. (Est 4:11)

• To have self discipline (Est 4:15) and....

• To cross the boundaries of protocol only for God's higher purpose. (Est 4:14)

• The confirmation of her faith, to recognize her purpose for such a time as this. (Est 4:14)




They birthed one another


• He did not know that she had the seed of God's DNA impregnated into her to be a deliverer of God's people.

• He adopted her and raised her in fatherly advice and counsel.

• He protected and covered her in her naοvetι and did not exploit it or take advantage of it.

• She most likely cooked his meals, scripture says nothing that he had any other family.

• He trained, then released her from his home, into her opportunity that was beyond his reach.

• In so performing these sacrifices, he birthed her into her place.

• He was faithful to continue to check for news of her well being. (Est 2:10)

• They both waited upon God during the time of preparation. (Est 2:10-12)

• She in turn walked out her time of preparation, carrying the weight of his words in her heart. (Est 2:10-15)

• He preferred to stay hidden, quietly behind the scenes but she knew his destiny was to learn the authority that she too was walking in.

• As she walked in her authority, she birthed him into his own destiny of deserved promotions and honors.

• They listened to one another. He gave her counsel as to when not to reveal her secret and when to reveal it. He heeded her commission of intercession for God's people, to fast and pray for 3 days.

• Finally they worked together as highest in authority next to the King, to serve God's people and all in the land.

• Their hearts were to bring wealth and peace to His people.




I AM releasing those who have operated in the Mordecai anointing to come into their spiritual promotion. Having been faithful to raise intercessory daughters through loving gifts of wisdom and counsel and then having released them into their destinies in My kingdom, those daughters in turn release the Mordecai anointing into its well deserved enlargement.


The Mordecai's suffered demonic backlash in the midst of remaining faithful to My Word and vigilant watchfulness over My daughters. The wicked assignments have fallen and the tables have turned. Great rejoicing in the heavenly realm continues with anticipation for the revealing of new anointings, new authority and new positions. Both will work together with the King in highest authority to serve for the good of His people.


Est 10:3 NLT

Mordecai the Jew became the prime minister, with authority next to that of King Xerxes himself. He was very great among the Jews, who held him in high esteem, because he worked for the good of his people and was a friend at the royal court for all of them.





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