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Hi loved ones,

Have you ever gone to church and had your worship leader show up in a box? No, I literally mean a BOX. The first Sunday of 1999 they started the music, and waddling from the back is this giant 6Ĺ foot box. Two arms are sticking out of the side, holding a guitar. Two feet are flapping at the bottom, like a duck. Now this walking/talking/singing box had a point and it was that the Lord was not sending superstars but He was sending the no-name-faceless people to the world with His good news. We laughed all the way through worship, but the point was made and itís one of those things that after seeing, you never forget.

Finally it got too hot under there, and with help, he took off the box. When I saw him do this, the Lord reminded me of something He had previously whispered: "Itís time to stretch forth your tent stakes." I was reminded of the scripture, "Enlarge the place of your tent, And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, And strengthen your stakes." (Isaiah 54:2) This concept has to do with God stretching our boundaries. The best way I can describe this is, "Itís time to break out of our boxes."

I saw this concept demonstrated by our pastor during last weekís sermon. He brought 2 sticks. The first was a 12 inch ruler, the second was a 36 inch yard stick. All the way through his sermon, he kept asking the question, "How big is your stick?"

Itís only been 8 weeks since the beginning of this year, and I have seen the people in our church bust their boxes in so many ways we have not been able to keep up with the comings and goings. People are experiencing things in the Lord they have never experienced before. We are seeing issues that people have dealt with or waited upon the Lord for years, suddenly break forth with tiny steps into new freedom. Many of these stretches are breaking mindsets and fears. Other stretches are healings and open doors for ministry opportunities. Some are recovering lost ground from the past by identifying the origins of physical, spiritual and emotional yokes.

Right now, we have a window of opportunity, a door of grace extended to us to move forward and take new ground, if we are willing to trust the Lord and stretch ourselves. In spite of dark clouds in the horizon, today I am seeing sun beams pierce the clouds with hope, help, and grace. It has been prophesied that what we do with this year is so important that it will determine our whole future ó as a nation, as a church, as a family, as an individual. There are many ways God can break our boxes, and we will probably see most of them in the coming future. However, at this moment in time, I see the Lord extending His hand, reaching through our fears and saying, "Stretch yourself. Come out of your box. Be willing to take a chance. Trust Me. Let go of the bondage. Loose the restraint. Break your boundaries. Reach. Take this window of grace and use every last drop of it while it is yet open. GO FOR IT."






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