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2030's will reveal the family of God. A close knit family.


2040's will reveal the finger of God.  If I by the finger of God will cast satan out then the kingdom of God has come.  You are getting ready and in preparation to where the church has total authority over the devil and has that power of the finger of God in their lives to cast satan out.  It will be a terrifying time for the devil.  He's not looking forward to these people growing up and taking that authority.


The 2050's will be the sons and daughters of God, that the Father will turn all authority over to.  He already has, but the only reason He is holding it back is because you'd kill one another.  So what He is saying is I want you to grow up so that you cant take over.  




DECADES:  Prophesy from Bob Jones

(Given at Cross Roads, Hamilton, Ontario March 8, 1998) The following are excerpts from the Internet via Wayne and Evelyn MacKay, International Christian Centre and Harvest Time Cafe located in Toronto, Ontario Canada (

[Note from Sandy Warner: This prophesy gives an overall understanding of where the body of Christ has been and where we are going. It is lengthy but worth the time if you want to understand the Lordís plans. I believe this Word is very important and feel that we are privileged to have access to it. The original Internet version can be found at

A Quick Overall Glimpse from 1950ís Through the 2030ís

ďAnd so the fifties, the 19 and 50ís - What goes around comes back around, you see. So the anointing of the 50ís is coming back your way. So the 50ís reveal My power thatís coming back your way but Iíll not give My power to any that have not shed the things that displease Me. And unresolved anger is one of the things that greatly displeases Me and thatís what Iíve been doing in thee this day - To get the unresolved anger out of you that My glory might rest upon you so that no root of bitterness or anything might defile many, if I anointed thee with My glory. So the fifties revealed My power. And it came in a mighty way.

And the sixties revealed My Holy Spirit and the baptism that then began to fall and produce the mighty songs that were lifted up to Me.

And the seventies began to reveal the great teachers. And this is where many of you I began to bring forth to Me. In the seventies My teachers began to bring My Word, for My Kingdom is based upon My Word and My Spirit. These are the two pillars that I started back in the seventies.

The eighties revealed the Spirit of God and My prophets.

The nineties revealed My government. And now My government is in place and in a time of great stress I shall bring forth My next step. Toronto was a step. Brownsville was another step.

My next step will be My glory. And signs like you have never seen before. And ever since you have, youíll see, become golden among thee. Youíll smell the fragrance of heaven. Youíll taste the goodness of God. Youíll feel the Presence of God and angels in awesome ways. Youíll hear the songs of heaven and the praise. And youíll see the angels and His working mightily bringing your five senses, sanctifying them so that He can show you Himself and all of your soul your way. For what I have just described you see is your soul. So yes, Heís been dealing in your spirit and He has for a while. But now He is after the rest of you; the soul, that He might use it to bring a new day. So yes, get ready for Godís glory.

And the 2010ís will bring, you see, the faith of God. To speak creative miracles, to change the storms, to shut up the heavens or loose up the heavens.

And the 2020ís, you see, that worketh by faith shall bring a new day. And it shall be an army of love and a maturity and a brand new way. For it shall be called the family of God joined together in a unity. The most powerful force that the world has ever seen and shall ever see in all her days.

And still time will go on for you have time for your children and your grandchildren. So donít get in any hurry, for Iím not. So Iím calling thee to begin to represent Me. Be My ambassadors, be My goodwill ambassadors to all the nations upon the earth, you see.





The following is a transcription of the prophesy that Bob Jones told Patricia King.  They were taken from the following videos:



ďHe said I am going to bring 1 billion youth to myself in one of the greatest awakenings of all time.  Iím going to glorify Myself beyond anything that has ever happened thatís every been done in scripture.  I am going to repeat it thousands and thousands of times.  And I want you to go back and tell them this is what I am going to do in one great wave.  So throughout the years I have stayed alive because I am going to see it.  I was told I would see the first of it. I will see it.  I was also told that I would see the glory.  The glory is here to stay, it will never leave again.  And that glory is a preparation for a harvest beyond imagination.  One billion youth, over half the population of the world is under 18. One billion at once.  I am not saying that will be all because there will be those that are already saved.  One great harvest.  One great increase of over a billion.  I believe that it will probably begin around the year of 2020.


I believe the first harvest are those that are being sown now by the remnant seed.  Those who have been faithful to Christ and looked towards Him and still believed.  Thereís been a death take place in their life and an impartation of righteousness.  Where they become like that seed that is planted on the other side of the cross. There are 2 sides of the cross.  One is to die and the other side is the spirit of holiness to where we become like a seed and where we raise up we will become like that, a holy seed that will have resurrection power in it and be able to minister out of that to how many come to us.  It will be a multiplication of the seed


So right now until the year 2012,  see the first harvest.  And it will be greater than anything you have ever seen.  After that there will be a gathering in of the first harvest and it will be re-sown for a second harvest.  And I believe the 2nd harvest will go between 2012 and 2020.  And then it will be gathered into the granary and sowed for a 3rd harvest.  And out of that 3rd harvest they will be a billion souls come to the Lord.  Most of them will be young. 


But I believe now is not to the youth as much as to the 0ver 50ís.  The over 50ís must come in now to oversee it, protect it.  Get behind it, never in front of it.  Finance it, motivate it, direct it.  I believe what He is speaking now to these mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers is to get a vision, that your life dont end at 50, it begins.  And it goes on from now on.  And so I believe what the Holy Spirit is waiting for now is for the older people, the Joshuaís to get into place.  Joshua was not a youth, he was an old man when he crossed the Jordan.  And the Joshuas as being called to stand up again and begin to lead again.  Bring the fathers and the grandfathers back into the body of Christ so they can direct the youth. 


And the youth once you get behind it and point the direction, you wont need to get in front of it, they will take it.  For youth are looking for something and they are searching everywhere.  And they are the brightest of any generation that has ever been on the earth .  They are those foreknown and predestinated.  And when they find Christ they will find what they are looking for.  And they will go out the whole world.  They wont be afraid to go places or to those are dangerous.  But they will go everyplace because they have found Him.  They have looked in drugs and immorality and all kinds of other spirituality things and they have not found any basis or truth in it.  They are looking for the truth, they are looking for the true church.  And we are getting ready to see the true church come and I believe it is going to be in the 0ver 50ís first.  That underneath it will be like leaders that prepare.  But the youth are coming.Ē


{end Bob Jones quote}





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