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In January of this year I had a dream where I saw some intercessors along the side of a big soccer field, shooting prayers like canon balls down towards the goal. Behind the goal was a huge thick wall with giant double doors. Behind the wall was a group of people with artistic gifts and callings (including musicians, etc) in which the Lord had anointed and prepared for various kinds of ministry enlargements, but they were stuck waiting behind these huge closed doors. I saw the wall and the doors bulge with every hit of the intercessors, as these canon balls were ramming the other side. Suddenly the doors opened and all these people were sent to the open field and they began expressing their hearts in worship, along with creative ways of declaring the Lord’s Word. They moved to the music of the Holy Spirit, and whatever He was saying, they would express from their hearts in unusual ways.


When I woke, the Lord told me they were the artists waiting upon Him - some for years. I share this with joy, for last night the Lord told me the doors are opened and be prepared to walk through as the opportunities come. He said to step through the doors with courage! Thank You Lord!



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