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VISION 6/23/07: I saw Bobby Conner and he had blown a wash cloth to me. It was floating through the air coming towards me.

CONFIRMATION: A reader sent me the following dream today about rising to wash her face for her bridegroom.


From a reader:

DREAM:  I was in a huge building, probably a castle, as I was up about five to ten storeys high. I looked out the window and saw that it was just getting light out after the night - dawn was just breaking. I saw a paved driveway that led up a slope towards this huge building I was in, coming from around a bend that was hidden by a hill. And coming into view on this driveway I saw the most magnificent royal coach being pulled by horses, very silently moving up to the 'castle', with guards, etc. accompanying it. I knew it was the King, and my Husband, coming to take up residence.

I jumped up to prepare myself to meet Him, realizing I had been lazing around and falling into a state of unreadiness, struggling to keep myself clean from the ways of the world, because it seemed He was taking so long. Now He's HERE! I quickly got and went to a bathroom to wash my face and comb my hair. I knew the rest of me was ready, especially my heart, but I just needed to freshen up. I felt this related to the scriptural principle in John 10:13 where the King said "He that is washed needeth not, save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit" (KJV). At first when I turned on the faucet no water came out, but soon it sputtered and then water poured out of the tap, and I washed my face, and combed my hair. Then I waited, with this indescribable sense of 'Living Water' welling up in my heart, for the instant I would meet Him face-to-face. I knew I was His Bride, He had already chosen me, and so I had nothing to fear, and everything to rejoice about. The King is HERE!

When I woke from this dream I 'heard' the quickened Word "Arise O Sleeper, wake up from the dead and Christ will shine on you."


I also heard "Lift up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in" (Psalm 24).

I'm also reading from others today that they too are hearing the call to 'wake up', and 'arise'. The Bridegroom is here!

In Christ,


UPDATE CONFIRMATION 6/30/07:  I attended an out of town prayer meeting and prophesied through prayer:  “Oh Lord, awaken the sleepers!  Oh Lord, awaken the sleepers!  Oh Lord, awaken the sleepers!”  The Pastor later mentioned that it came from Song of Solomon.  When I looked it up, I also noticed it was in Jonah. 



Arise dear one, do not let the cares of the world put you into spiritual slumber.  Shake off the spirit of apathy!  Do not fall into the trappings of the flesh in perilous times.  Do not allow yourself to go into the slumber of spiritual famine. 


Flush out the pipes of your spiritual wells by praying in the Spirit, worship and study of My Word.  Call out, press through and draw deeply from the spiritual well within.  My living water shall rise, flush out your pipes and the freshness of My Spirit shall grant you pure water to wash your face.  The more time you spend in My Presence, the more you shall shine in Me.  Let Me kiss your sweet face and waken you to the gracious shining of My smile.  How I long for you.


Song of Sol 7:9-13  NKJV

The wine goes down smoothly for my beloved, Moving gently the lips of sleepers.  10 I am my beloved’s,  And his desire is toward me.  11 Come, my beloved, Let us go forth to the field; Let us lodge in the villages. 12 Let us get up early to the vineyards;   Let us see if the vine has budded, Whether the grape  blossoms are open,  And the pomegranates are in bloom.  There I will give you my love.  The mandrakes give off a fragrance,  And at our gates are pleasant fruits,  All manner, new and old,  Which I have laid up for you, my beloved.


Jonah 1:6 NKJV

So the captain came to him, and said to him, "What do you mean, sleeper? Arise, call on your God; perhaps your God will consider us, so that we may not perish."


Num 6:23-27  NKJV

"Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, 'This is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them:  "The LORD bless you and keep you;  The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you;  The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace."'  "So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them."



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