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His anointing upon our children


Theme of this file: His anointing upon our children

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1) Vision - He blows upon the children


2) Quote - Bob Jones - The children of promise


3) Quote - Bobby Conner - Shocking anointing upon the children


4) Vision - A promise of the Lord's Glory surrounding our children


5) Testimony of a child's anointing


6) Testimony of a child's faith


7) Dream - Children swim in the river of God


8) Dream - Children slide upon God's aqueducts


9) Dream - God gives good gift to His children


10) Stories - God speaks through the children


11) Parable - A Word of the Lord through a son's creativity


12) Testimonies of sending the youth to the mall to minister


13) Downpour of His Holy Spirit Upon the Youth





1) Trance Vision - He blows upon the children


Experience & Vision given to Sandy Warner 1985


I had a most awesome literal experience when in a trance vision I felt the Lord literally fill my lungs with His breath. In the vision His wind suddenly swept over me I took a deep breath and could feel His mighty wind rushing past my nostrils and down my throat. He opened my ears and I literally heard its very loud sound as it rushed into my lungs. As my lungs filled, it took several minutes to fill them to capacity. I could feel the Lord's Presence as this occurred and thought what a mighty pair of lungs He has!


When I finished inhaling, I held it a brief moment as though in a divine pause. He opened my eyes and I saw Jesus standing next to me.  He pointed to the scene as we gazed at multitudes of little blue and pink baby carriages. Each baby carriage carried a baby wrapped very snugly in a blue or pink blanket with a matching blue or pink milk bottle. My heart was filled with such tender feelings and a great nurturing for these babies. I started to exhale upon them, gently at first. Like feathers gently dancing in the wind, these babies arose and were carried upon the breath of God. Still exhaling, I watched them float ever so gently upon the breath of God. The breath grew stronger and they flurried around like snow flurries in the wind. This vision seemingly lasted a very long time as His exhale continued to blow. This vision impacted me deeply and He implanted His heart into mine for His coming harvest.




2) Quote from Bob Jones' Shepherd's Rod 1999


"From the good seed I saw children that were the best of all generations. They are the children of promise from Romans 9:8 & Galatians 4:28. Children as young as 6 years old were anointed with awesome power and revelation. Their revelation came directly from the Lord and their prayers went before Him with unwavering faith. Many of these children will be filled with the Holy Spirit even while in their mother's womb. Their prayers even carried more power and authority than their parents."




3) Quotes from Bobby Conner's Shepherd's Rod 1999


Children Will Hear on a New Higher Level


"This coming anointing will enable them to release shocking wisdom and revelation. We must seek to become childlike in order to be able to see and enter the Kingdom of God. Matthew 21:16: "And said unto him, Hearest thou what these say? And Jesus saith unto them, Yea; have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?"



Family Life is Precious to the Lord


"Home life will be very precious. Fathers and mothers will get to know their children. Many will turn off their television and sit with their families telling their visions. This will be much more exciting than anything Hollywood could bring forth. This will be directed by the Holy Spirit - a "Holy-would." Many will see upcoming attractions in visions and dreams and trances."



4) Vision - A promise of the Lord's glory surrounding our children


From Sandy Warner 5/3/96



While I was working in the yard, I heard the Lord whisper, "I have a poem for you." A couple hours later my son came home from school and gave me a Japanese Haiku, which is a 5-7-5 syllable Japanese poem:


Soft rain falls from sky.


Tiny prisms reflect light.


Rainbow in distance.



I wondered at the greater meaning and why the Lord would directly tell me this was His poem. Now in hindsight, I believe "Rainbow in distance" was the Lord's announcement of my son's upcoming vision and the Lord's Promise that He would rain His Presence upon the children.


Like most parents, I had been praying that the Lord would speak to my son personally, and begin to train him as His son. Then Sonshine awakened one morning saying he had the most awesome dream. As he shared it with me, I knew he had seen more than a dream - it was a vision, as he described seeing it in very vivid colors and it appeared three dimensional.



HIS VISION: He was in the school yard looking up at a multitude of rainbows in beautiful, vivid colors which filled the sky. There were so many that together they formed a huge dome. He stood in the midst of one giant 3-D rainbow that was very vivid. It formed a complete circle which was also moving in circles around him.


[end of vision]



I was so delighted because I knew it was a promise of the Lord's Presence and the Lord's promised training (school yard) over his life. "As the appearance of the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the surrounding radiance. Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. And when I saw it, I fell on my face and heard a voice speaking. (Ezekiel 1:28 NAS)


"I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. (Genesis 9:13 NKJ)



I believe this is a promise to all those parents who have worried over their children and are continually holding them up before the Lord. My son did not see one rainbow, there were so many they filled the sky. There were so many they formed a huge dome, like a covering. I believe the Lord was saying, "I give you My promise and covenant, that I will cover and protect your children. They belong to Me, and rest assured I will raise them up and school them in everything they need in order to be rooted and grounded in Me!"



"All your children shall be taught by the LORD, And great shall be the peace of your children." (Isaiah 54:13 NKJ)



Confirmation to vision


Later as I was driving, I was thinking about the vision. I knew he had seen a vision, but my son wasn't sure if that was what a vision was supposed to be like! So I asked the Lord for a confirmation that he had seen a vision. As soon as I asked, I stopped at the stop light behind a city bus. There looming above me was a giant advertisement plastered on the back of the bus: "Rainbow Optics!" Rainbow Optics is a local business selling eye glasses, and its exact translation means, rainbow vision!



5) Testimony of a child's anointing


Posted on Elijah List 1/28/99


Subj: A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM - A five-year old prophesies to the church




Jordan Danks (age 5) sang this over Shelly Danks (his mom) Associate Pastor of Joels Place Christian Fellowship!





"Answers,---- answers. We are trying to catch good answers in our nets, but we keep catching flies. There are good answers in the air. We have to put the flies in a jar and not feed them so they will die. Then Satan will not make anymore flies because he will know what we will do to them. Then we will catch good answers from God. We have to go out when the flies are not out. If we're too late... then we're too late. We have to fight in the fields with our bows, guns, swords, shields and cannons then the wall will come down! We cannot go around the wall! We have to wait for it to come down. We can sleep in the grass by the wall, but when we hear the sound of the cannon we will get up and fight no matter how tired we are! One man or woman will keep shooting with his/her cannon while the others are asleep and the wall will come down even though he/she is tired! When we pray we are still fighting! God's army always wins! God's army always wins! Anyone who needs or wants to be in God's arms can have His comfort. If they fall from His arms, God will pick them up again."


Pastor Dean Hollingsworth



Matt 21:15-16


But when the chief priests and the teachers of the law saw the wonderful things he did and the children shouting in the temple area, "Hosanna to the Son of David," they were indignant. "Do you hear what these children are saying?" they asked him. "Yes," replied Jesus, "have you never read, "'From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise'?"



6) Testimony of a child's faith


Posted 12/29/98 from Kathie Walters


(A story of prophetic living)





There are many religious thoughts that are embedded in the back of our minds. Isn't it great that God's Spirit is setting about to remove them. While they are there we cannot see God as He really is. There are people in the Body of Christ who do not know that God can use a child to bring the Word of the Lord to a leader, a church or even a nation. Many signs, wonders, miracles and healings take place through the "laying on of sticky fingers" as my husband call it, in our miracle services. But for now I want to tell this little story to illustrate the fact that God cares about "little" things and He can use "little" things. ("God has chosen the foolish things to confound the wise" (1 Co 1:27), so that qualifies you and me!).



A few years ago when we lived in Charlottesville, Va. My youngest daughter, Lisa who was ten years old at the time, suddenly announced that she wanted a dog. I said, "No' of course like most sensible parents. The next day she came to me and said, "I do believe the Lord has a dog for me, it is a few months old and it is 3/4 German Shepherd, and 1/4 Husky, "Well Lisa, I am not buying a dog, and it would very hard to find a dog like that". End of conversation. The next day while we driving in town Lisa asked if we could "just look" at the animals at the animal shelter, "My dog is there" she said.. "No", I said as we drove OUT of town.



The following day we had occasion to go into town again. Of course during the outing Lisa asked again, "Can we at least go and LOOK at the animals?" We had finished shopping and I do actually quite like animals so I said, "OK" Knowing well that the chances of seeing a puppy 3/4 Shepherd and 1/4 husky was about 500,000 to 1. We got to the shelter and looked at all the kitty cats and birds, and weasels and ferrets etc. Then we got to the big dog shed. Loads of dogs, big ones, little ones, fat ones, thin ones, mean ones, friendly ones, but NO 3/4 Shepherd and 1/4 husky ones. I was a bit smug about it I admit. Then Lisa asked if there was another shed, and the woman in charge said, "Why, yes right on through that door". This other place was full of bigger dogs and I tried to hurry on through. "Mom a, my dog is here, he is over there, she said pointing to the end cage. From where I was, I could hardly see the color let alone the "make", anyway there was no way to know what a 3/4 Shepherd, 1/4 husky looked like. I walked to the cage with Lisa and the lady followed us. "What kind of dog is this?" I asked her, "It's a 1/4 Husky and 3/4 Shepherd" she said.



"When did it come in?", I asked. "Oh about an hour ago, a young man bought it in because he had to move into an apartment and wasn't allowed an animal. He was quite upset and said he had prayed that God would bring someone for his dog".



I was quite irritated with the unknown guy who prayed, the dog with the begging eyes, the woman with the information that I didn't want to hear, and Lisa for being right again, and also the Lord for letting all this happen! Clutching at one last straw, I asked the woman how old the dog was, as he looked kind of large to me, not a puppy like Lisa had said. "He's six months old" - "Is that a puppy?" I asked still hoping for an "out". "Well it's not an adult dog is it?" she said. So we took the doggie home.. Lisa and the dog looking very pleased, sitting in the back of the car while I chauffeured them.



When we reached home Bob Jones called me to give me a new phone number.


Desperately I said, "Lisa's got a dog." I thought that maybe he would have a "word" that would outweigh the other "word" that Lisa had. "Oh yes" he said, "that's a very good dog:" "Is it?' I replied, (a statement, not as a question). "It has a very good nature, and its' very intelligent". "Oh good!" I got off the phone quick. Well I thought I had better "receive" the dog. So I told Lisa what Bob Jones had said.



"Mom, I had a vision of Bob and the Lord gave me word for him today". "What was it?" I asked her. "I had a vision that he dropped the ball and the Lord says, "Stop feeling sorry for yourself".



I called Bob back the next day and related the vision and the word. Bob received it and when he talked to me a few weeks later he said that he had spent two days repenting.



Now the point of this story is 1) That God knows all about the details of your life. 2)He sure does manifest Himself through children. 3) That I have observed that there are leaders who wouldn't "lower" themselves to receive a word from a child, or someone they may consider on a lesser spiritual plane than themselves. Leaders and strong ministers I know who really do have a strong relationship with God are always open to receive from whoever the Lord sends. Sometimes Gods' mailman in your life has muddy boots! But that doesn't mean that you can't receive the mail!!



Be blessed,


Kathie Walters


Organization: Good News Fellowship Ministries




7) DREAM: The children swim in the river of God


Sandy Warner Rhema 4/21/98



DREAM: I saw 2 very large ski slopes that were running parallel to each other. One was deep in snow and the other was glazed over in ice. Suddenly I realized that where I had been standing was not a ski slope after all but a river and it was just now beginning to melt and break its ice free. Just as I realized this, I was swept into its flow. I scooped some children to go with me and we went swimming down the river. As we turned a bend, I looked up and saw the 2nd "slope" and knew it had yet to thaw and it was a second even more powerful river. The second one went into the first one and they joined together.



Sandy Comments: In past rhema, snow, cold or ice has meant a cold environment frozen over by enemy restraints. Two means double portion. Therefore, I see this dream representing an area in the river of God that is melting old restraints and beginning to flow. The waiting double portion is not yet "thawed." My scooping the children says they are swimming in the river of God too.



8) Dream - The children play in God's aqueducts from heaven to earth


Sandy Warner Rhema 9/14/98



DREAM: I was in the rafters of a house and it was filled with all kinds of PCP pipes, from tiny to very large like a culvert or aqueduct in the rafters. They looked like the modern day water slides at water them parks. These were built for the children and many were playing on them. I saw my son slide down a huge one like a water slide.



Sandy Comment: The fact this was in the rafters, the highest place in the house, and the pipes went from the top to the bottom of this large home, I think this represents God's house, from heaven to earth. The pipes are the various flows of His Holy Spirit, from small to large, and they were built especially for the children. The fact that I saw the children sliding down and not climbing up, represents the fact they do not have to climb an uphill battle in order to enjoy the anointing of the Lord. They have a position of grace won for them from the efforts of mothers and fathers of the prior generation.




9) God Gives Good Gifts to His Children


Taken from the book, 101+ Ways God Speaks (And How to Hear Him)


By Sandy Warner



I have a pastor friend who had a most interesting experience with God speaking through numbers. It all started the year before when he prayed, "Lord, please come and pour out Your Spirit upon us. Do anything You want, I just want to know that it is You and not some deception of the enemy." About the same time he noticed every time he looked at a digital clock the time would consistently be 11:11 (AM and PM). This continued for several weeks.



Then one morning when he was rushing to get ready for an appointment he looked at the clock - 11:11. He said, "Lord?" Immediately he had a sense it was a scripture, but determined not to look, lest he select the one that suited him. At the end of the day as he rolled into bed he glanced at the clock to see what time it was. You guessed it - 11:11. The next morning, again 11:11. "Lord, which scripture?" Finally He heard the Lord say, "Luke!" This was the verse: "If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent instead of a fish?" (Luke 11:11) At last he understood.



The Lord was answering his prayer by saying He had given him a written guarantee that if he asked God for something he would not get a counterfeit. That night as he went to bed he again glanced at the clock - 11:11 pm. The next day he shared this with his leaders and after the meeting an elder's wife walked into her bedroom and glanced at their clock. It was 11:11.



That Saturday he prepared a message that would end with the 11:11 message and when he went to bed that night he looked at the clock - again it said 11:11. Smiling, he went to sleep. Sunday he preached the message and glanced one time at the back wall of the church. It was 11:13 which was significant to him because the Lord had said He wanted to pour out His Holy Spirit that morning. Luke 11:13 says, "If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!" That night when he went to bed the clock said 11:13! From this, he was absolutely convinced they had received the move of the Lord which was the outpouring of His Holy Spirit!



The story doesn't end there. After I had heard about the 11:11 message, we had a fun confirmation to the above story. Sonshine said, "Hey look!!! Our clock says 11:11!!!" I started laughing, and said, "I gotta write this down!" Sonshine, knowing nothing about 11:11 asked me, "Why? Is that another parable?" (I am always noticing allegorical parables, and he knows that.) I said, "Yes." He wasn't satisfied with that answer and was curious. So I told him the long story about 11:11's. When I finished he couldn't run fast enough to look up Luke 11:11.



Shortly after that, he and I started noticing 7:11's. It became so frequent we were both wondering what it meant, just like Pastor. We saw 7:11 in our bedrooms, on the TV, on the microwave, on his wrist, in the car, on the computer. 7:11's were popping up everywhere. Our son was reading the Bible through for the first time, and the first day he read the New Testament his eye immediately jumped to 7:11. He could hardly believe his eyes! "If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!" (Matthew 7:11)



After that the Lord started using 11:11 and 7:11 to confirm things He was sharing. One in particular was that He was promising the body of Christ an entire season of 11:11's! YES LORD! Then one night I had a dream that many people's journals were sprinkled with 11:11 on lots of pages. When I woke up from the dream I heard the Lord say, "11:11." Immediately following, I glanced at my clock - it said 11:11.



Then an amazing thing happened. One night in the car Sonshine started counting 10, 9, 8, etc. I looked at the digital clock and it said 7:10. I realized what he was doing, so I started at 19, 18, 17. etc. After doing my countdown very methodically and in perfect rhythm, when I got to 4, I slowed and said, "fooouuurrr, thhhhrrreee..." and then it turned to 7:11. If I had not stalled out the 4 and 3 it would have been absolutely perfect on the dot! From that day on, I understood that we were in a season of "countdown" towards 11:11-7:11. And of course, the Lord confirmed that understanding with more you-know-whats.



Right before I added this 11:11 story to this section, I was going through my journal to find more stories or examples I could add to the book. When I searched, I was happy to find 26 more tid-bits. As I sat in my car at a stop light, I thanked the Lord for giving me so many and then I was reminded that part of my promise was that I was going to be a food gatherer for the body of Christ. I realized that was what I was doing, collecting stories for hungry people. I was feeling kind of silly, and somewhat jokingly I said, "OK Lord, I'm supposed to gather food, so let's gather some!" As soon as I said "some," I glanced up through the windshield. There looming directly above me was a 7-11 grocery market sign. (He had the last Word on that one!)



Between digital clocks, car odometers, wrist watches, video camera timers, VCR's, computers, microwaves, score boards, exercise bike timers, signs and broken calculators - for all the trouble the Lord has gone through, all I can say is THIS SEASON IS REALLY GOING TO BE GOOD!



"If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!" (Matthew 7:11)




10) Stories of God Speaking Through Children


Taken from the book, 101+ Ways God Speaks (And How to Hear Him)


By Sandy Warner






"Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me. (Matthew 18:5 NKJV)



One season the Lord told me I would grow "holy bold." I considered my personality as a little church mouse who preferred to remain unseen and unheard. Cute mice and mouse stories popped into my life from everywhere.



My young son drew me a picture of a green Christmas tree with a HUGE mouse trying to hide in it. Sonshine's gift was a precious way for God to make His point: even if I stayed a mouse, I would grow so big I just couldn't hide! So many times my son would draw or color picture stories and give them to me in perfect timing with the Lord's Word.







"You have taught the little children to praise you perfectly. May their example shame and silence your enemies." (Psalms 8:2 TLB)



"Beware that you do not despise or feel scornful toward or think little of one of these little ones, for I tell you that in heaven their angels always are in the presence of and look upon the face of My Father Who is in heaven: Allow the little ones to come to Me, and do not forbid, or restrain, or hinder them, for of such {as these} the kingdom of heaven is composed." (Matthew 18:10 & Matthew 19:14 AMP)



Children are gifts straight from heaven and His heart. I have been astonished by the direct Words of my Father that come through what they say and do. As I walked through a prolonged season of wavering, seemingly on a spiritual swing set vacillating between two opinions, I would swing one way and think maybe the Lord meant such n' such, or I would swing the opposite. The Lord gave me a picture-vision of myself near the waves of the ocean. Every time a large wave (overwhelming circumstance) would come close, I would scurry to the top of a very small and skinny tree. The bottom trunk was about four inches in diameter. When the wave would hit, the tree bent way over to one side and then the other, bouncing back and forth!



It was a perfect allegory of what I was doing during that season. Isaiah 35:3 says, "...confirm the feeble knees." My knees were anything but confirmed, they felt more like rubber legs, just like that tree trunk! I felt so sifted and tired of wavering. One day as I was thinking about wavering back and forth with rubber legs and feeling very condemned, my very young son interrupted my thoughts. He said out of nowhere, "Mama, I am worried my knees might break." Regaining my composure, I explained that when we bend and exercise our knees, it is good for them for it makes them strong! That was one of many times I remember his little voice penetrating my thoughts and bringing me encouragement from the Lord. I am now trained to know and believe that good gifts come in small packages!



God speaks very clearly through children's mouths, we only have to listen.




11) Parable - His Word through a son's creativity


From Sandy Warner 12/21/98



The Lord has spoken to me through my son since he was very young. He has spoken many "Words of the Lord" through fun parables, creative gifts, words, actions, etc. The following is one of them.



Prior to gong to bed, I had just been pondering an e-mail post quoting Bob Jones as saying that from now until Feb 14th, 1999 - God was going to "Light up our darkness" Psalm, 27 (Amplified) He is going to take us from fear to "dwelling in His presence." Grandma was visiting us so I slept in my son's room. His room is decorated with hundreds of glow in the dark stars and planets. Every available space on the walls and ceiling are covered with these stars. In the day time you don't really notice them because they are white and blend with the paint.



I was very tired and had just finished reading the Word and was turning off his bed light, literally closing my eyes as I turned the switch. After a couple of seconds of laying there, startled my eyes popped open in shock! It was like a fantasy world come to life! Stars and planets everywhere glowing beautifully in 3-D effects. I was filled with a child's sense of awe as I looked around. Tickled at my son's creativity, I wondered how anyone could go to sleep in such a place! I was so tired but didn't want to close my eyes lest they disappear. I suddenly realized this was a confirmation to the Word I had been pondering, "God is going to light up our darkness."



What a joy that the Lord speaks to us through so many wonderful ways…especially our children…. OK son, it's your turn to start seeing visions! "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions." (Joel 2:28)




12) Testimonies of sending the youth to the mall to minister



Update from Chad Taylor!


Posted on 2/2/99


Glory my friends!! What a day it is! We just took a team from a local church in Seattle (International Church) to the mall on Saturday with the express purpose of laying hands on the sick and saving souls! A fire broke out amongst the youth of the church! I'm talking about 8 and 10 year olds! They were leading the adults through the mall to pray for anyone who even had the hint of sickness!! Many received Christ in this modern day market place!! It was awesome to see 6 or 7 youths gathered around a woman in a wheel chair in the middle of the mall in Bellevue praying for her healing with authority and power! People in passing were weeping! We have kept our most formidable weapon in the confines of the Sunday school walls, the children!! It was awesome to say the least!!



That night the youth rose up to testify! One young lady, Katie, began to prophesy a releasing of the youth into their callings and destinies! This is a precedent that He is setting for 99 and beyond! A releasing of the youth and the church into their callings and destinies. To know who we are in Him and take it to the streets and hi-ways and change the course of nations... And that my friends is exactly what we are doing.



We prayed for a man from Vietnam to receive Christ. He kept saying over and over, "I can feel it! I can feel it! I can feel it!!" Another man in training to go to Thailand met us and we prayed for him and took up an offering amongst us right on the spot in the middle of the mall! One of first persons that I spoke to listened quietly as we spoke and even prayed for him, he did not even utter a word. We finally asked him as he was about to leave what we could pray for him about in private, he rose up and as he was walking away, in tears he exclaimed, "FREEDOM..." This is the heart cry of the people of the world. A deep down cry to be free. And we as the Church of Jesus Christ have the keys to that freedom, sometimes locked away in our own heats. We must remember now the words of Christ in this hour, "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons, Freely you have received now freely give..." We are on the edge of the greatest harvest field in the history of planet earth. Matthew 13:38 says, "the field is the world..." verse 39 says, "...the harvest is the end of the age..." That's us!! We are it! He is saying cast our nets on the other side now and take in the greatest catch! That is part of the "greater works" He spoke of, reaching a population of people that He could not in His 3 short years... The sound of prophetic evangelism is ringing in the ears of the church, to do more than present a gospel message, but to define destiny! To say "This is WHO you ARE in Christ!"



"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5")



That is prophetic evangelism! Defining the destiny of an individual, a city, a nation. Saying, "This is who you are in Christ! This is His plan for you!" Echoing the words of Christ Himself, "You have not chosen Me, BUT I CHOSE YOU AND ORDAINED YOU THAT YOU SHOULD GO AND BEAR FRUIT, and that your fruit should remain...(John 15:16) A people that are prophetic in knowing and evangelistic in doing! That is prophetic evangelism. Knowing the Father's heart and then responding accordingly. His heart in this most critical hour is "GO THEREFORE AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL THE NATIONS!" That is His heart, that is our commission...


Chad Taylor


A friend loves at all times...








13) Downpour of His Holy Spirit Upon the Youth


Posted 2/4/99


Hi fellow-laborers,


Dean and Marty have so eloquently described our major God encounter, I didn't feel compelled to shout my own joy from the rooftops (YET...). But tonight God did a work that leaves me in total amazement. Marty shared about the major downpour of His Spirit on our young people at the tent, well in the aftermath a group of Jr Hi'ers that were ruined last week came and asked Gene and me if we could do a quickie class for altar ministry so that they could have a renewal meeting at Jr Hi tonight. We agreed, but I have to confess that I had NO IDEA what God had in mind for these youth.



My first clue came when I pulled into the church parking lot yesterday for our 6 PM quickie altar class, and 8 kids RAN to meet me. As we talked about standard stuff like rules for catching, how to pray for the Father's blessing, etc I was surprised at the passion and urgency theses kids were feeling for their un-ruined peers. The Jr Hi ministry is sorta unique because there are actually a lot of unsaved kids from the neighborhood that show up for the gym time. I'm told they get restless and hostile when they have to sit through worship and preaching, and the general opinion about Jr Hi is that it's a tough ministry with not much fruit. My personal confession is that when I realized that I had actually agreed to attend a Jr Hi meeting, I was awed by God's ability to bypass our sensibilities



Today as I interceded for the meeting, I felt anticipation and excitement rising in me. I remembered the pureness of these kid's desire for the Holy Spirit, their intensity about making sure the unsaved kids were touched and changed, and I knew that God's heart was in this thing. I remembered the prophecies over the years about revival fires burning out from our youth to consume our city...whew!



When we arrived tonight for pre-service prayer I walked into a group of about 20 kids who were flat out contending for a major outpouring NOW. My heart started pounding in my chest, and I was hyperventilating as I realized that God had every intention of meeting them, that in fact this whole thing was HIS IDEA!!



Look out church....this was a sovereign thing. No man could have even imagined this outpouring, no revival maniac would have been bold enough to pray for THIS manifestation. The youth leaders basically announced that they had been touched by God, and they were not going back to the old way of things. They declared that our God is GOOD, and His blessings are AWESOME, and He loves His kids, and He was waiting to love on them. I had wisely counseled the kids to be patient and give people time to respond, so they weren't at all surprised when they were utterly stampeded by kids of every shape, attitude, color, and size all hungry for life to be different, and believing that God would do it. I saw two boys who were visiting the gym for the first time go down front, accept Jesus, be filled with the Spirit, and lay slain on the floor for 20 minutes. I watched cynical kids leave and then turn and run back. I saw kids walk up to prayer team kids and say "Can I accept Jesus into my heart?" We aren't sure yet how many salvations happened tonight, the kids will count them up.



One of the neatest things to watch was the two young women, our pastor's daughters, who have labored so faithfully for so long with so little fruit, totally overwhelmed at the grace and mercy of God. They were so blessed, crying non-stop as God called in the first fruits of what will surely be a great harvest of youth, hugging and crying with these kids as the Spirit of God moved to heal them and make them whole.



Our God is an AWESOME God! Tonight I feel that every contribution I have ever made to God's Kingdom was returned to me ten-fold. I was in complete awe and amazement at His incredible mercy, and I face the harvest with a whole new feeling, no longer wondering at how it would ever happen, but trying to catch my breath as I consider the immensity of the experience. When God is ready to harvest folks, well, they'll be coming running. No heart is too hard to resist the mercy of God when it's focused on him.



Praise God! Oh yeah, MORE LORD!!!! Rejoicing anew!


Kathie Tollifson


Grace Chapel Foursquare


Tucson, AZ




Hi All,


I have to testify as well about Saturday night, our last tent meeting. My daughters finally got to come after babysitting and/or having the flu all week. My junior higher wanted me to take her home as soon as we got there because she was "tired" and didn't like it. When all of us on the ministry team were called up she grabbed me and said please don't go, but realized Gene Tollifson was asking me to come and decided I needed to go. I was enjoying ministry time so much praying for folks when I looked up a while later to check on my girls and one was being prayed for and my junior higher!!!! wow! - SHE was praying for her friends and there were a whole group of junior highers on the carpet, laughing, crying, getting slain in the Spirit and they were praying over their leaders and WOW! They did this for hours! She couldn't stop smiling and telling me all that happened on the way home. She said Mom I'm SO GLAD I got to come! It it so COOL to pray for people! I didn't know it was so FUN! The junior highers got so blessed! Then yesterday she asks if she can come to Alter Ministry Training on Sunday with me! She said, Mom kids my age don't like going up front for prayer sometimes, but if we had kids our own age up there, they would! I'm so excited and thankful! When your children get excited and hungry about serving the Father by serving others it's WON-DER-FUL!



I have to "ditto" everything Dean Cooper said. There was one young man from our singles's group that got so transformed at the tent that he came Saturday night with his face painted in markers telling how much he loved God and his "tigger" tie wrapped around his neck. I think there are too many ruined people now to be content for anything less than going all out for the Father. Worship was so fun Sunday morning. What blessed me so was seeing more men up front "going for it" in worship, dancing and praising the Father.



Hungry and anticipating more from our Daddy,


Marty Dalton


Grace Chapel, Tucson, AZ



Hi All,


I HAD to add some more from Kathie's post last nite about the leftover, all out, going for MORE of the Father that was deposited in our Junior Hi folks from the New Freedom Circuit Riders Tent Meetings!



Last nite at Jr. Hi was incredible! Kathie and Gene Tollifson and I went to the Jr. Hi meeting. The kids who had gotten so touched last week at the Tent meeting came with great expectation to "ruin" their peers and to dunk them in the Holy Spirit and the Father's love. After giving several testimony's and a message from Michael Joyce, a young man from our worship ministry, the kids called everyone up who wanted the Father to touch them and Michael invited those who didn't know the Lord to see him. There were several kid's who had just come for the first time (they were holding onto their basketballs wanting to get back to the gym) last nite who ASKED to get saved and filled with the Holy Spirit - they were so hungry!



Soon the floor was littered with young men followed by young ladies. The few adults who were there just interceded as our jr. hi'ers took over in such fervant prayer for their peers. I'd say there were at least 5 first time conversions with many who were gloriously filled so powerfully with the Holy Spirit all I could do was weep and smile and laugh as I watched our Father pour out to these pure, hungry hearts. The kids "went for it", and Junior High ministry will never be the same again!



You should have seen the parents faces who came to pick up their kids and they couldn't understand where they were, cause their kids were on the floor! I was so blessed seeing hungry hearts filled and many of the kids after being ministered to got more love poured into them just clinging to our Pastor's daughters and weeping! These young ladies (Pastor John's daughters) HAVE labored, as Kathie said, for so long. It was so great to see MUCH fruit last nite, the young people just couldn't get enough, and I'm SURE the Father has MORE.



God be with you all!






Words from the The Quickened Word are excerpts from the journals of Sandy Warner.  To better understand how God speaks, read Sandy’s book, “101+ Ways God Speaks, And How to Hear Him.”  Website:    Email:  







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