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A Fun Word on How God Speaks Through Numbers

NOTE TO THE READERS OF THE QUICKENED WORD: I wrote and completed this article today, 6/26/02 under the Lordís inspiration. I had no idea that Elijah list posted a parallel Word today about honoring the senior citizens. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to confirm His Word by 2 or 3 witnesses. It was very obvious to me after having already written my post, then discovering the parallel post from Elijah list called, "The Lord Told Me to Honor This Hidden Army of WarriorsÖ" that this is the season to bring those hidden in that generation into their places. Both posts are two pieces of the same puzzle. May the Lord bring great encouragement to us all as we understand that His timing is perfect and our promises are very close. We are truly moving in!





Hi Loved Ones,

When my son was young, he could not pronounce the name Nana, our chosen name for his Grandma. He called her Anna and that name supernaturally stuck and we all call her Anna to this day.

Anna is my Mom, and she is a wonderful women of God who spends her life and time on keeping His prophetic Word. Along side of her own journaling and intimacy with the Lord, she has also been my silent partner in ministry and edits my writings. I greatly appreciate her command of English grammar and also her keen sense of discernment. She has served me and my ministry all these years and I am totally assured that any rewards I receive in heaven, will also be placed in her own account as well.

I would like to share with you a precious Word that not only shows how the Lord can speak through numbers, but is also the Word of the Lord for the Annaís and the Simeonís of today. These Annaís and Simeonís are like the Joshuaís and the Calebís who were forerunners, taken to view the promises and came back with a good report. They have faithfully waited through 40 years of circling in the wilderness and now stand with a younger generation ready to move into the promises. (Luke 2:25-38, Num 14:38)


Anna enjoys FreeCell, which is a computer solitaire game. The game is built so that you carefully align the cards in order. It is said that if the cards are aligned properly, it is possible to win every game. It seems there are endless choices to play with several thousand FreeCell games. Anna often plays FreeCell at night just prior to bed, as she works hard during the day on her rhema and this is a way for her to relax. Being the precise and methodical person she is, she has chosen to play these games in order. She will not go to the next game number until the last one is won. (Isa 28:10)


Last month she received a revelation about FreeCell. She sends me her rhema and here is what she wrote in her journal: "I awakened early in the morning with the following going through my mind. The end times are going to be very similar to playing FreeCell on the computer. There is steady progress towards winning the game as one card after another fits into place. The Lord has everything in His time frame and we are in the count down time with each step leading ultimately to the very last one. The last step will be like it is in FreeCell, when the card is played that unlocks all the other cards and every card suddenly flies into its place and the game is over. Thatís the way things are going to happen. The waiting will all be over SUDDENLY!" (Acts 16:26)

When I read her entry, I did not tell her this, but the Lord placed in my heart that she had waited a long time, and her card had been on the bottom of the pile. I knew that one day when the Lord moved her into place, that end time promises would be fulfilled. I did not know at that time, but the Lord had a Word to say to us all through this. Today I received another email from Anna:

"I had an interesting experience on my walk. I have been stuck on FreeCell #451 for ages. I have really been praying that the Lord would help me win it. This evening while walking I was praying about it again and thinking of the "suddenly" parable connected with it and winning it and I felt the Lordís Presence. So I really was looking forward to playing tonight. I don't know how many times I started over and was feeling sad about it, and wondering why I had felt the Lordís Presence. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I WON! YEA! And guess what? It was quickened to me to look up # 451 Iím going to have a SUDDENLY!"

{end of note}


I was so overjoyed at this precious parable. She had looked up the number 451 in the Strongís Greek dictionary, and it is the number assigned for the word Anna! Some may think this is a strange Word, first to pray for the Lordís help to win the game, and also to look up a number in a dictionary. I know that the Lord Himself led her to ask for His help in winning the game, and He confirmed it with His Presence, of which she recognized with anticipation. He loves fellowship with us in all that we do, and in this particular adventure He had something to tell us all.

It is important to understand that one can know all the formulas for how God speaks and yet end up following a false road of signs. It is only as His Spirit quickens something, that it comes alive and has application to our hearts. Not every number is a Word from the Lord, but those He quickens are.

As we pondered what the same number 451 means in the Hebrew, I was reminded of part of a promise Iíd had about Anna. In a couple visions, I had seen us herding cows. I was at the front leading the way, and she was at the back bringing up the rear. The Hebrew number 451 in the Strongís dictionary means the rear or rump of a ram or bullock. It is first mentioned in Exodus 29:22 speaking about a ram of consecration. Anna has always lived her life as a forerunner, a sign, a living parable - and I was downloaded by the Holy Spirit that this Word for her was also for all the Annaís and Simeonís who, like her, have faithfully waited upon the Lord for His Words to come to pass.


So today I would like to share with you about the Annaís and the Simeonís and give honor to whom honor is due. These are the faithful senior citizens who have earnestly waited upon the Lord to fulfill His promises in their lives. They have walked the way of love, forsaking their own opportunities in life in order to serve those younger and help them come into their callings. They feel old and worn out in their bodies and in spite of all the odds, still hold on that the Lord will remain faithful to fulfill that which He has promised in their own lives.

Simeon in the Bible, (Luke 2:25-38) was promised that he would not die until he saw the Lordís Christ. Simeon was a righteous, devout and spirit-filled man, and he lived with earnest expectation in his heart for the Messiah. He was obviously prophetic and upon seeing the Christ Child, he prophesied over Jesus and mother. Simeon not only beheld and prophesied over this awesome Child of promise, he took the Child in his own intimate arms, and the Child could hear his heart beat.

Anna served the Lord day and night in the temple, being a servant of the prophetic Word. Her life was dedicated to the Lord as she lived it in discipline, putting her flesh upon the altar. Her prayer life knew the intimacy of dwelling in the courts of her God. Suddenly the very child Jesus, about Whom were the scriptural promises she knew by heart, came to the temple. Her joy bubbled over and she prophesied about Jesusí life to everyone.


I have been working upon a scriptural study for my website about the Sovereignty of God and one of the subtitles is, "God Does as He Pleases." A few days ago I heard the Lord say to me, "Yes, I do as I please. And I have chosen to save the best wine till last." That promise is wonderful and rich all by itself.

But I want to prophesy to you, Annaís and Simeonís, that you may feel old and tired and like there is no hope left in your bodies, but the Lord says, "I have saved the best wine till last." You have been faithful to wait, bringing up the rear. But the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Even as the launching of Jesusí first public miracle was in turning the water into the finest of wines, even as they said that wine was kept till last, so you will go forth to launch a generation of glory, and through your very own hands will come forth public miracles.

You think that the generations have passed you by, but in reality they have been built upon your loving foundation of intercessory prayer, upon your promises, upon your hope and earnestness in waiting for God. You have stood in the gap of "in between", where instead of a curse coming upon the earth, the Lord has used your waiting and your service to hang onto a generation of promise, that they would not be destroyed. You are tired and have waited long, but the Lord is not finished with you yet.

He has saved your promises till last, for in their seeds dwells the power of His quickened Word. He will use you to behold, prophesy, touch and confirm a manifested generation for His glory. You shall touch them with your very own hands and heart. These sons will hear your heart beat with all your yearnings of your years in waiting. And they shall come alive with the seeds of promise that you have so earnestly kept. (John 2:10, Matt 19:30, Mal 4:5-6, Rom 8:19.)


Lord it is only in Your keeping power of the last 40 years that You could bond together such a powerful union of three generations of believers. When in the face of curses from the destroyer, You chose to plant Your seeds of loving promise into grandparents, parents and children. And through a weak intercession of sacrificial love, You have chosen to place Your power upon it and bring to fruition the promises of three generations for this prophetic hour in which we live. And yes, You shall come forth suddenly to fulfill all that You have spoken.

Even as we have been carried by an older generation, we turn and ask that You will preserve the Annaís and the Simeons, and that their lives would be supernaturally sustained for Your glory. We desperately need them Lord, for their work is not yet done. We have heard their hearts beat Lord and we ask that You will sustain them for not only the fulfillment of Your Word, but also for our own foundations. Papa, we ask that You will supernaturally launch them into their place. Fulfill Your Word and bring them in suddenly. In Jesus Name.

{end of prayer}





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