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INTO MEMORY:  A couple weeks ago I heard the name of an angel and his name was Friendly.  Often when I hear, I can tell if it is an angel or the Holy Spirit.  There is a sense, a personality that is imparted with the speaker and throughout the years I have notice how angels introduce themselves with not only their assignment but their name as one word.  When I hear them in that way it is imparted to me at the time they are an angel sent to me.  I had never heard this one before and knew he was a new one sent to me for a new season!  When he introduced himself I felt that he had been assigned to me for a new season of reaching out, extending myself, stretching myself out of the cave of my home since I had been praying over that need.  Since that time I have been more aware of myself being more friendly and taking the extra effort to reach out beyond my little space into someone else’s space!  I want to impart life to people, even if it is just a smile and they receive it.


7/14/16:  (Heard as I was thinking about a person.)  She was touched by your comment.  Yes friendly.  Stopping and taking the time to say something kind.  Look for opportunities, I will help you.



On Sunday July 3, 2016 a very interesting thing happened back to back that had me pondering what this meant? My son and I went to do some errands and pick up a few things at the store. Our first stop was at Dominoes Pizza. As we went in my son saw a bus driver of his from previous years and the bus driver came to us and greeted us and shook my sons hand and gave me a hug.


Next stop was the grocery store. As we walked around the right side of the store a cashier was coming around at the same time and he greeted us and shook my sons hand. As we came around the back we saw a previous coach of my son and he greeted us and shook my sons hand. Then while waiting in the check-out aisle at the front, I saw a previous coach from years ago that I knew, and he saw me and when he passed by us he greeted us, smiled and reached over and shook my hand.


On the ride home it was quickened to me of all the handshakes we had received in this short period of time. While I was pondering to myself, my son spoke out loud and said "did you notice all the handshakes?"  Exactly what I was just pondering! I thought this was really interesting and quickened for us to receive so many handshakes in such a short period of time. It had never happened to us before. Since it was quickened to us both and it's first the natural then the Spiritual, I knew it meant something!


SANDY RESPONSE:  It begins with smiling at strangers, popping into a conversation if appropriate, saying a kind word, doing a kind gesture.  Today was my final goodbye to the radiation doctor (PRAISE THE LORD) and when he entered the door he shook my hand and saying goodbye he shook my hand.  During treatments I was so deeply touched by the gestures and words of kindness that came through his team.  It really touched my heart and I experienced what it feels like to be isolated, come out of that and receive human  kindness and touch.


Since that day I have been asking the Lord to be able to reach out and touch someone in a real personal way.  Today I was amazed when I came into the waiting room, there sat my father in law.  He had to sit there for an hour drinking something so that it would show up in an cat scan.  His face lit up and we jabbered his way through that drink.  I was able to stay with him most of that time while I waited for my own appt. I smiled knowing it was the Lord's and my secret - a chance to touch someone's life face to face, human to human.



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