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Tonight I had an interesting thing take place. I don't think I have ever asked the Lord to answer a fleece. (If I have, I was so young I can't remember it.) I believe that fleeces should be used very sparingly as they put the Lord in a box, among other things. Tonight I asked the Lord to answer a fleece for me using the dynamics of with 11:11 and 7:11.


Just as I finished asking Him (in my thoughts) I said, "And let this be just our secret, hidden between You and me." At the exact moment I said that, my son asked me a question about 7:11. I didn't hear him because I had been busy praying about the fleece. So when he repeated it, he wanted to know if the fact that the clock now said 8:11, was it a parable because 7:11 was hidden? [He knew it was 7:11 because Wayne had changed the car clock back early, when in reality Daylight savings time doesn't change until 2 tonight.]


I was fairly shocked for the words "7:11 and hidden" to be in the same sentence, just about 5 seconds after I finished praying those words. The only way I can interpret this is that the Lord was saying, "OK, I agree to your fleece, and it will be a hidden secret between you and I."


I have thought about why I would use a fleece, when I am so set against them. Ordinarily my faith is way above them because I hear Him in so many wonderful ways. But this particular issue I have struggled with for years and I truly want it settled. I feel content and know if He answers it, that it will truly be a very special gift to my heart's desire.



The Lord did some funny things this morning. Last night before I went to bed I typed my fleece. Note the sentence, "Fleeces should be used very sparingly as it puts the Lord in a box". Anna called me this AM and knowing nothing about my fleece said she heard the Lord say, "YOU MAY FIND OUT THAT GOD WILL RESPOND DIFFERENTLY WHEN YOU DON'T PUT HIM IN A BOX."


So I had decided between my son's comment last night about the 7:11 being a hidden parable, which matched my prayer of the 7:11 being a hidden secret between us, and now this new Word - that the Lord has said, "Yes, I will answer your prayer, but not the fleece!" In other words, He would answer what I was making the fleece about, but not answer it via a fleece.


I told this to my son this morning as I was chuckling about what Anna heard, and he wondered why. I told him in the hallway, outside Wayne's door, while Wayne was in the Jacuzzi bath with the bubbles on. Wayne heard nothing. Then at breakfast, Wayne volunteered that as he was in the tub it suddenly came to him that Judas was among the chosen 12 disciples, and that he was called even though Jesus knew he was going to betray him. Judas was also freely a part of the authority when the 12 went out to heal, and he was also freely given the secrets of Jesus' rhema. I was astounded that Wayne would say this and asked him why he did. "I don't know, it just came to me."


I then caught him up on my conversation with our son this AM in the hall at the time he was taking the bath, and what Anna had heard about putting the Lord in a box. Then I dropped the bomb… my fleece was that I really needed to know if I could trust a certain person as I had an uncomfortable feeling about doing so.


From the book, 101+ Ways God Speaks (And How to Hear Him)



Using a fleece is a comforting way to please the soul and personality, but it is not recommended as a pattern of relationship with the Lord. Most people use fleeces by stating a certain need for guidance: “Lord, if You do such n' such, then I know I'm supposed to do such n' such.” Notice the if-then clause. This clause suggests making a contract with God on YOUR TERMS. When a person lays a fleece before the Lord, he is putting God into a position to answer according to his way, not God's. It is controlling the limits of circumstances and asking God to fit that mold.


There are those who lust for signs. (The Pharisees wanted signs, rather than Jesus. They did not see HE WAS the sign.) People who look for signs are also vulnerable to falling into a snare. They are ones who lay fleeces before the Lord on a continuing basis. One satanic realm of influence is the lust for signs.


God knows the heart, and may answer a fleece, as recorded in Gideon's plight. Notice the awe and respect of Gideon's heart in approaching God in this manner. Placing the fleece before the Lord was with great caution as unto the fear and respect of the Lord: “And Gideon said unto God, Let not thine anger be hot against me, and I will speak but this once: let me prove, I pray thee, but this once with the fleece, let it now be dry only upon the fleece and upon all the ground let there be dew.” (Judges 6:39-40 KJ)


The fleece was a request to God, and God answered as His gift. This was not without consequences. God wanted Gideon's army cut down to 300 men. It was not that God was angry so Gideon had to make up for the use of the fleece by cutting his army; but that the fleece and answer were very much like a contract. Gideon suggested a contract on Gideon's terms. God answered. Then God gave Gideon God's terms: 300 men.


The scriptures suggest God is reasonable, listens to the will of man, and is willing to be flexible and work with him. He is our Good Father. However, we should not test Him to see how far He is willing to bend. This whole concept is something to be approached with reverence, respect and awe. He's not Someone to bargain with in the market place. Those who use fleeces on a regular basis are asking for trouble.


Fleeces suggests a flexible part of God's nature, but when we draw the line of flexibility it is best WE BE THE FLEXIBLE ONE.


If one has the wrong motive: a lust for signs, lust for knowledge, demanding (striving with) or testing and proving Him, one day the Lord will thresh out that leaven in the heart through a sifting process.


There is one other reason God would cut this weed out. There are people who have been accustomed to using fleeces with a pure desire to find out His will. He knows the heart, and perhaps will even answer for a season on their terms. Yet there will come a day when He wants them to grow and come out of this type of relationship with Him. Fleeces put God in a box, He is not cheerfully willing to stay there for very long! There are many of ways to hear from Him without putting Him in a box. He desires to bring His own up and out, seeking Him on His territory.






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