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"I think many of you have heard me share about what started in 09, it was the year of the Ox.  09 was a very tough, plowing year.  I am coming out of Ezek 1, a prophesy that He gave me. So in 09 the ox plowed all year not knowing why.  010 is the year of the eagle.  So every one of you have got all the seed that you ever need to sow.  You should sow it everyplace you go.  Re-sow it in your family, re-sow it in restaurants, re-sow it in churches, re-sow it every place that you go for your seed will never run out. 


I noticed that some seed that I sowed 30-35 years ago looked like they were never going to sprout.  But in the last year, these people that I sowed it have come to salvation.  So once you sow the seed of God, it whirls around people and this earth forever.  So sow it.  It may lay under the clod for many, many years.  But things will take place in people's lives to where that seeds gets alive. So don't quit sowing, don't get discouraged, keep going. 


The year of the eagle will end on Sept 10th.  For I go with the Lord's calendar, which the Jews claim is theirs.  But it is really not theirs, it's the Lords.  On Sept 10th, the new year begins.  It's the year of the lion.  So it's time that the Lion begins to roar.  When the lion roars into the earth. He doesn't roar into the air, He roars into the earth.  He says, "This is My territory" and the vibrations will go out for miles and miles. 


So we are coming to the year of the Lion.  We are coming to authority.  Get ready to see authority like you have never seen before.  So don't quit.  Keep that faith going.  Keep that petition going.  Because the year of authority is when the Word comes into you from the heart of the Father, into your spirit man, your conscience, and you begin to proclaim it, you begin to roar.  "This is my land, I am going to take it back.  This is my land, I am going to heal it." 


What is it after that?  It is the year of the man going forth in the nature of the ox, the seed of the eagle and authority of the lion and carrying it into the entire earth.  All 09, 10, 11, 12 is about bringing in the laborers for the harvest.  So we are in the time, the greatest change that's ever been.  Also is Israel, so keep praying for Israel continually. 


What He was showing me yesterday, we are in the time of Isa 22.  It is not only the keys of the kingdom, it is the keys of change...."  "... This is the year that the kingdom is going to be unlocked in you.  This is the year the roar of the lion is going to be unlocked in you..."



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